Lyngdorf Unveils MXA-8400 Power Amplifier: Power and Precision Meet

Lyngdorf Unveils MXA-8400 Power Amplifier: Power and Precision Meet

At CEDIA 2023, Lyngdorf Audio has introduced its latest powerhouse, the MXA-8400 power amplifier, setting a new benchmark for audio enthusiasts seeking uncompromising performance. With an impressive blend of technology and design, this amplifier is poised to elevate your audio experience to new heights.

Unmatched Power and Precision

The MXA-8400 amplifier is the epitome of power and precision, combining Lyngdorf's PowerPerfect power supply design with Purifi's Eigentakt Class D amplification. The result? A staggering eight channels of 400 watts each (into four ohms in two-channel mode). This powerhouse is designed to take your audio experience to a whole new level, providing the power needed for an immersive and dynamic soundstage.

Ideal for Home Cinema Enthusiasts

Lyngdorf Audio has designed the MXA-8400 with home cinema enthusiasts and Lyngdorf MP multichannel processor owners in mind. It perfectly complements the brand's existing MP-40 2.1 and MP-60 2.1 processors, which can decode up to sixteen output channels, making it ideal for Dolby Atmos and DTS-X AV setups. With the MXA-8400, you can expect nothing less than exceptional audio quality that matches your high-end setup.

Purifi's Eigentakt Technology

At the heart of the MXA-8400 lies Purifi's Eigentakt technology, known for its presence in several high-quality amplifiers, including NAD's offerings. This technology boasts patented error correction, resulting in remarkably low distortion. The amplifier's primary goal is to deliver incredibly neutral sound performance with negligible audible noise, regardless of the frequency or volume level. Expect nothing but pristine audio reproduction.

Robust Power Supply Design

To handle the MXA-8400's combined 3.2 kilowatts of output power (and even higher peak power), Lyngdorf has meticulously crafted a robust power supply. This design incorporates channel balancing, advanced filtering, and multiple protection systems to overcome the limitations often found in multi-channel amplifiers. The MXA-8400's output channels can also be bridged in pairs, delivering power ratings of up to 800 watts per channel for four channels (into eight ohms in bridge mode). This flexibility ensures that your audio needs are met, whether it's for a home theater or a high-end stereo setup.

Generous Input Options

The MXA-8400 doesn't skimp on input options. The rear panel features four pairs of XLR inputs, offering ample connectivity for your audio sources.

Availability and Pricing

Following its debut at CEDIA, the Lyngdorf Audio MXA-8400 power amplifier is set to enter production at the company's facilities in Skive, Denmark. It will be available starting November, with a price tag of £7999 or approximately AU$16,500. If you're in search of uncompromising power and precision for your audio setup, the MXA-8400 is poised to deliver an exceptional listening experience that will leave you in awe.