SEI Robotics and THX Team Up to Elevate Pay-TV Audio Quality

SEI Robotics and THX Team Up to Elevate Pay-TV Audio Quality

By CE Critic - Buy Better Tech

The home entertainment market is a crowded and competitive space, with consumers continuously seeking ways to enhance their audiovisual experiences. In this landscape, SEI Robotics, a notable Android TV ODM Partner for tech giants like Google and Netflix, and THX Ltd., renowned for their expertise in high-fidelity audio and video tuning, have joined forces to introduce a strategic partnership. Their aim: to revolutionize audio quality for Pay-TV customers.

A New Era of Audio Quality

SEI Robotics' subsidiary, Homatics, is at the forefront of this groundbreaking collaboration. Homatics is well-known for providing hardware development and integration services, making them a key OEM partner for various tech innovations. Together with THX, they are set to unveil a range of high-quality audio products that will undoubtedly redefine the Pay-TV landscape. These Tuned by THX™ audio products, slated for release this spring, are designed to complement traditional set-top-box hardware, giving Pay-TV subscribers an opportunity to elevate their home entertainment experience.

James Wen, the co-founder of Homatics, expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing their commitment to delivering superior entertainment experiences. He noted, "Through this partnership with THX, we are excited to help Pay-TV operators deliver products that provide higher quality entertainment closer to a cinematic experience. We selected THX as our audio partner because of their long legacy and excellent track record with delivering cutting-edge solutions for home entertainment devices."

Tuned by THX™: Elevating Audio Fidelity

At the heart of this partnership lies Tuned by THX™, a technology that promises to revolutionize audio experiences in the home entertainment arena. Tuned by THX™ employs corrective EQ (Equalization) and dynamics parameters to ensure optimal listening experiences at all volume levels. Whether it's music, movies, games, or live sports, this technology aims to deliver right-out-of-the-box fidelity that rivals cinematic sound quality.

One of the standout features of Tuned by THX™ is its ability to provide per-channel transducer compensation. This means that it optimizes the acoustic performance of each channel to match the desired THX audio frequency response curve. Moreover, it addresses common challenges related to speaker driver variability and component differences. The result is a consistent and exceptional audio performance, regardless of the volume setting.

THX's Commitment to True Entertainment Vision

Jason Fiber, CEO of THX, highlighted the company's unwavering mission to bring audiences closer to the true vision of artists. He emphasized, "Bringing the artists' true vision to consumers of entertainment remains our core mission, as it has been for the past forty years since we launched THX Certified cinemas worldwide."

Fiber praised Homatics and SEI Robotics for their role in advancing content delivery systems to homes through Pay-TV operators, expressing pride in the collaboration. He noted, "We are proud to partner with Homatics to deliver the first such Tuned by THX Pay-TV audio device to the market."

A New Era of Audio Excellence

The Tuned by THX Homatics speaker systems are expected to debut in the Pay-TV cable and satellite TV operators' markets as early as spring 2023. Additionally, the companies have plans to introduce related products in the retail channel later in the year, promising even more options for consumers seeking top-tier audio quality.

In a crowded and competitive market, SEI Robotics, Homatics, and THX are poised to make their mark by redefining audio quality and ensuring that Pay-TV customers can enjoy an audiovisual experience that truly stands out. For further information and pre-orders, visit Homatics' official website, and to learn more about THX, explore their offerings at