JVC Announces NZ900 and NZ800 Projectors: Next-Level Contrast, 8K Ready, Laser Power

 JVC Announces NZ900 and NZ800 Projectors: Next-Level Contrast, 8K Ready, Laser Power

By: CE Critic

In an era when TVs boast ever-larger screen sizes, JVC remains fiercely committed to the immersive power of high-end projection systems. Their latest releases, the DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 and DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200, promise unprecedented dynamic range and contrast with the capability to handle both 8K60p and 4K120p resolutions.

A Quantum Leap in Performance and Features

JVC touts a host of advancements in these new models, including:

  • Brighter BLU-Escent Laser Engine: Delivering 3,300 lumens (DLA-NZ900/RS4200) and 2,700 lumens (DLA-NZ800/RS3200) of brightness from a long-lasting (20,000 hours) blue-laser diode light source. This optimized design delivers almost double the effective brightness per watt compared to JVC's first-generation laser projectors.
  • 3rd Generation D-ILA Device: This cutting-edge 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA component is the heart of the image quality improvements. It boasts superior pixel alignment, flatter image pixels, and enhanced manufacturing processes, all contributing to superior image uniformity and sharpness.
  • Sky-High Native Contrast: The DLA-NZ900/RS4200 offers a native contrast ratio of 150,000:1, while the DLA-NZ800/RS3200 delivers 100,000:1. JVC states that these are a 50% improvement over their current flagship models.

Dynamic Range That Rivals Reality

Beyond these core hardware upgrades, JVC emphasizes the following:

  • Dynamic Light Source Control: The laser diode output is continuously adjusted to match scene brightness, eliminating the tradeoffs of a conventional aperture. The result: images that more closely resemble human perception of light and dark.
  • Infinite Dynamic Contrast: In scenes of absolute blackness, the DLA-NZ900/RS4200 and DLA-NZ800/RS3200 achieve ∞:1 (infinity to one) dynamic contrast by fully extinguishing the laser source.
  • Precision Algorithm: JVC's laser diode control now features 101 distinct steps of adjustment instead of just three, allowing for hyper-accurate light output to suit a wide range of SDR and HDR content.

8K-Ready with Superior Upscaling

While true 8K content remains relatively scarce, JVC's commitment to future-proofing is evident:

  • Full 8K60p Signal Handling: Advanced LSIs (chips) allow these projectors to process and display 8K60p signals without compromise. The sheer volume of image data is handled smoothly and instantaneously from the HDMI inputs to the D-ILA device.
  • Enhanced 8K/e-shiftX: This second-generation technology upscales 4K content to an astonishing 8K resolution (8192 x 4320 pixels). Along with other image processing technologies, it creates a nearly native 8K experience from more widely available content sources.
  • Gaming Advantage: Both projectors can accept 4K120p signals with an incredibly low input lag, making them a superb choice for high frame-rate gaming enthusiasts.

HDR Done Right, Plus Filmmaker Mode

HDR video is fully embraced, and in true JVC fashion, it's implemented exceptionally well:

  • HDR Formats: HLG, HDR10, and HDR10+ are all supported.
  • Frame Adapt HDR Generation 2: JVC's proprietary algorithm now analyzes HDR10 content on a frame-by-frame basis, optimizing dynamic range in real-time for a breathtakingly nuanced picture.
  • Re-Examined Tone Mapping: A revamped tone mapping algorithm extracts even more fidelity from HDR sources, rendering a broader range of highlights and details.
  • Deep Black Function: This feature intelligently extends the darkness in low-light HDR scenes for a more cinematic look.
  • Filmmaker Mode: Picture quality adjustments like motion smoothing and noise reduction are disabled, and the color temperature is set to D65 (6500K), ensuring content is displayed as the creators intended.

The Total Package for Enthusiasts

Beyond the headline features, enthusiasts will appreciate:

  • Cinema Filters: Achieve wide color gamuts equivalent to DCI-P3 and BT.709.
  • Clear Motion Drive: JVC's smooth motion technology gets an accuracy boost, particularly at the edges of objects.
  • All-Glass Lenses: Both models use these for maximum sharpness. The DLA-NZ900/RS4200 has an 18-element, 16-group 100mm lens with a full aluminum barrel. The DLA-NZ800/RS3200 features a 17-element, 15-group 65mm all-glass lens.
  • Installation Flexibility: Generous lens shift ranges allow for a variety of projector placements.
  • Price and Availability: The DLA-NZ900/RS4200 ($26,000) and DLA-NZ800/RS-3200 ($16,000) are slated for release in June 2024.