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JBL Unveils Authentics Series: A Fusion of Vintage Aesthetics and Cutting-Edge Voice Assistant Integration

JBL Unveils Authentics Series: A Fusion of Vintage Aesthetics and Cutting-Edge Voice Assistant Integration

For over seven decades, JBL has been a prominent player in the audio industry, continuously evolving its speaker designs. Now, the company is embarking on a unique journey, drawing inspiration from its rich history while embracing innovation with the introduction of the JBL Authentics series.

This new wireless speaker lineup comprises three distinct models: the JBL Authentics 500, 300, and 200. At the forefront, the JBL Authentics 500 is a high-end offering equipped with three 1” tweeters, three 2.75” midrange woofers, and a 6.5” down-firing subwoofer. It boasts a powerful 270W 3.1 channel sound and incorporates Dolby Atmos technology for a captivating audio experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, the JBL Authentics 300 is a portable powerhouse, delivering eight hours of playback on a single charge. Meanwhile, the more compact JBL Authentics 200 features 1” tweeters, a full-range 5” woofer, and a down-firing 6” passive radiator to enhance bass performance.

What sets these speakers apart is their unique design approach. Inspired by the iconic JBL L100 speaker from the 1970s, the Authentics series seamlessly marries vintage aesthetics with a modern twist. With a grid-patterned Quadrex grille, leather-wrapped aluminum frame, and a striking black and gold color scheme, these speakers not only sound great but also look the part.

JBL's innovation extends beyond design, as these speakers are eco-friendly, constructed using 100% recycled fabric, 85% recycled plastic, and 50% recycled aluminum.

A notable advancement is the simultaneous integration of voice assistants. Unlike traditional speakers that typically support only one voice assistant at a time, JBL's Authentics series uniquely combines both Alexa and Google Assistant, marking an industry-first achievement.

The top-tier Authentics 500, with its powerful driver arrangement, offers crystal-clear sound and supports Dolby Atmos for a virtualized 3D auditory experience. At a price point of $700, it's the largest and most feature-rich option.

The Authentics 300, priced at $430, is the only portable speaker in the lineup, providing 360-degree audio and eight hours of listening time.

Finally, the Authentics 200, at $330, offers a compact design without compromising on sound quality, making it ideal for a variety of spaces.

All three models will be available in black starting September 17, 2023. They are seamlessly integrated into the JBL One app, allowing users to sync music services, customize EQ settings, and enjoy a tailored audio experience.

JBL's Authentics series is set to redefine the wireless speaker landscape, combining vintage charm with cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious construction.