Sony TVs Losing Netflix: Is Yours Affected?

Sony TVs Losing Netflix: Is Yours Affected?

A significant shift is underway in the streaming landscape, as Netflix prepares to discontinue support for its app on select Sony Bravia TVs from 2014. This move, effective July 24, 2024, has raised concerns about the longevity of pre-installed apps and the challenges of maintaining software compatibility on aging hardware.

The End of an Era for 2014 Sony Bravia TVs

Over 60 Sony TV models across North America, Europe, and Asia will lose access to the Netflix app. This change affects all regions, including North America, Europe and Asia. You can see the affected 2014 Sony models in the table below.

North America:

KDL-60W610B KDL-60W630B
KDL-55X830B KDL-65X830B
XBR-55X800B XBR-65X800B
XBR-49X850B XBR-55X850B
XBR-55X900B XBR-65X900B
XBR-65X950B XBR-85X950B


  • S9 Series
    • KD-65S9005B
    • KD-75S9005B |
  • W5 Series
    • KDL-48W585B
  • W6 Series
    • KDL-40W605B
    • KDL-48W605B 
    • KDL-60W605B 
  • W7 Series
    • KDL-32W705B
    • KDL-32W706B
    • KDL-42W705B
    • KDL-42W706B
    • KDL-50W705B
    • KDL-50W706B 
  • W70 Series
    • KDL-32W705C
    • KDL-40W705C
    • KDL-48W705C 
  • W8 Series
    • KDL-42W805B
    • KDL-42W815B
    • KDL-42W817B
    • KDL-42W828B
    • KDL-42W829B
    • KDL-50W805B
    • KDL-50W815B
    • KDL-50W817B
    • KDL-50W828B
    • KDL-50W829B
    • KDL-55W805B
    • KDL-55W815B
    • KDL-55W817B
    • KDL-55W828B
    • KDL-55W829B 
  • W85 Series
    • KDL-60W855B
  • W95 Series
    • KDL-55W955B
    • KDL-65W955B 
  • X85 Series
    • KD-49X8505B
    • KD-55X8505B
    • KD-65X8505B
    • KD-70X8505B
  • X9 Series
    • KD-55X9005B
    • KD-65X9005B
    • KD-79X9005B 
  • X95 Series
    • KD-65X9505B
    •  KD-85X9505B

While Netflix will continue to function until July 23rd, this announcement marks the end of an era for these devices and highlights the need for users to explore alternative streaming solutions.

Technical Limitations: The Driving Force Behind the Change

Sony attributes the removal of Netflix to "technical limitations." This explanation points to the challenges of maintaining app functionality on older TV platforms that lack the processing power and software updates required by modern streaming services. As technology evolves at a rapid pace, older devices inevitably become incompatible with the latest apps and features.

A Growing Trend: Netflix's Departure from Legacy Devices

This is not an isolated incident. Netflix has previously discontinued support for its app on older Samsung TVs, Blu-ray players, and even the PS Vita. This trend underscores the importance of considering the lifespan of pre-installed apps when purchasing smart TVs and other streaming devices.

The Impact on Consumers

The removal of Netflix from 2014 Sony Bravia TVs could have a significant impact on consumers who rely on the built-in app for their streaming needs. This could lead to frustration and inconvenience, especially for those who are not tech-savvy or prefer the simplicity of using a single device for all their entertainment.

Alternatives for Continued Streaming

Fortunately, there are several alternatives available for users who wish to continue enjoying Netflix and other streaming services. These include:

  • External Streaming Devices: Devices like the Google Chromecast 4K, Apple TV 4K, and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K offer a seamless way to access Netflix and a wide range of other apps, regardless of the TV's built-in capabilities. These devices often come with additional features like voice control, improved interfaces, and access to the latest streaming technologies.

  • Gaming Consoles: If you own a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, you can likely download the Netflix app and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on the big screen.

  • Smart Blu-ray Players: Many modern Blu-ray players come with built-in smart features, including access to popular streaming apps like Netflix.

The Importance of Future-Proofing Your Entertainment Setup

The removal of Netflix from older Sony TVs serves as a reminder that the technology landscape is constantly evolving. To ensure a seamless and enjoyable streaming experience in the long run, it is crucial to consider the following factors when choosing a TV or streaming device:

  • Regular Software Updates: Opt for devices from manufacturers who prioritize regular software updates to maintain compatibility with the latest apps and features.

  • Future-Proof Hardware: Choose devices with powerful processors and ample storage to accommodate future software upgrades and app requirements.

  • External Streaming Options: Consider investing in an external streaming device as a backup plan in case pre-installed apps become unsupported.

The Changing Dynamics of the Streaming Industry

The decision to discontinue Netflix on older Sony TVs reflects the evolving dynamics of the streaming industry. As streaming services compete for viewership and strive to deliver cutting-edge features, they are increasingly prioritizing newer devices that can support their latest technologies.

While this move might inconvenience some users, it also presents an opportunity for consumers to explore the wide range of streaming options available in the market and choose devices that best suit their needs and preferences.