Bowers & Wilkins Introduces 800 Diamond Speakers Signature Edition

Bowers & Wilkins Introduces 800 Diamond Speakers Signature Edition

Bowers & Wilkins, the esteemed audio brand known for its cutting-edge speakers, has just unveiled the latest additions to its coveted 800 D4 series: the Signature models. Now, when Bowers & Wilkins slaps the "Signature" tag on a product, you know it's something extraordinary. Over the course of its illustrious history since its establishment in 1966, the brand has only bestowed this prestigious title upon seven remarkable models.

This time, the lucky recipients of the Signature treatment are none other than the 801 D4 and 805 D4 from the highly acclaimed Diamond Series. While these speakers boast a range of notable improvements, the first thing that catches the eye is undoubtedly the two mesmerizing finishes: Midnight Blue Metallic and California Burl Gloss. The Midnight Blue option undergoes a meticulous process involving a staggering 11 coats of paint and lacquer, meticulously machine and hand-polished to achieve the desired luster. To complete the aesthetic, a bespoke blue Connolly leather adorns the revised top-plate, exuding a luxurious vibe that's simply unmatched.

As for the California Burl Gloss finish, it is achieved through an equally painstaking procedure. The wood veneer, responsibly sourced from the esteemed Italian specialist ALPI, undergoes no less than 14 coats of lacquer, meticulously sanded in multiple stages. Creating a single cabinet in the California Burl Gloss finish requires over 24 hours of meticulous work, showcasing the dedication and craftsmanship behind these Signature models. Comparatively, the blue finish can be accomplished slightly faster, taking around 18 hours to complete.

Now, don't be fooled into thinking that these Signature models are mere cosmetic upgrades. Far from it. The engineers at Bowers & Wilkins have been hard at work, ensuring that these speakers deliver more than just visual appeal. Starting with the enclosures, both the 800 Signature speakers sport a redesigned, skeletal aluminum top panel meticulously damped to minimize unwanted resonances emanating from the already heavily braced plywood cabinets. This top panel elegantly sits beneath the Turbine Head on the larger 801 speakers and below the tweeter pod on the 805 standmounter.

But the improvements don't stop at the cabinets. While the 801 D4 Signature retains the core components of the standard model, such as the 25mm Diamond dome tweeter, 15cm Continuum FST midrange, and twin 25cm Aerofoil bass drivers, significant enhancements have taken place under the hood. The high-frequency unit now boasts a new mesh grille that promises improved clarity, while the twin bass drivers feature upgraded motor systems for enhanced performance.

The reflex port of the speakers has also undergone a transformation, now cast from aluminum to create a structure that is remarkably quieter than before. The result? A bass response that is cleaner and more accurate than ever. The 801's crossover has also been meticulously redesigned and upgraded to fully harness the potential of the revised drivers. As for the new 805 D4 Signature, the two-way standmounter benefits from many of the same enhancements as its larger sibling. Alongside the improved aluminum top plate, you'll find a more transparent tweeter grille, an upgraded 16.5cm mid/bass driver motor system, and an equally improved crossover network.

Now, it's worth noting that we've already given the standard 805 D4 model a glowing five-star review, hailing it as "the finest standmounters that B&W currently makes." In our testing, it proved its worth at a price point of £7000 / $8500 / AU$11,900. The standard 801 D4, on the other hand, is available at a heftier cost of £32,500 / $38,000 / AU$57,900.

Excitingly, both the 800 Series Signature speakers are now available for purchase from select dealers as of June 28th, and they come with an expected premium price tag. The magnificent B&W 801 D4 Signature can be yours for £45,000 / $50,000 / AU$79,900 per pair, while its smaller but equally impressive sibling, the 805 D4, demands a price of £10,000 / $12,000 / AU$19,900.

So, if you're a discerning audiophile looking for the pinnacle of audio excellence, look no further than the extraordinary Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Signature speakers.