Focal Elevates the Audio Experience with the Bathys Headphones: A Game-Changing Hearing Test

Focal Elevates the Audio Experience with the Bathys Headphones: A Game-Changing Hearing Test

French audiophile brand Focal has made waves in the tech world with its latest update to its luxury true wireless headphones, the Bathys. This high-end audio accessory now comes with an exciting new feature and a fresh color option, the Focal Bathys Dune.

USB-C Connectivity for Hi-Res Audio:

The Bathys headphones are now equipped to directly connect to Apple's iPhone 15 series, especially the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models, thanks to the switch to USB-C. This allows users to enjoy a true Hi-Res audio experience, with a built-in DAC capable of playing audio in up to 24-bits / 192kHz when wired. Whether your favorite tracks are stored on your phone or streamed through a Hi-Res service like Qobuz, you won't miss a single note or subtle detail.

Personalized Sound with Mimi:

What sets the Bathys headphones apart is their integration of Mimi technology through a software update. Mimi is a groundbreaking technology that assesses your unique hearing capabilities and adjusts the sound signature accordingly. In essence, it tailors the audio you hear to your individual hearing profile, ensuring the best listening experience tailored just for you.

Luxury Design and Build:

Focal maintains its commitment to premium materials and craftsmanship in the Bathys headphones. These headphones feature magnesium on the yokes and genuine leather on the headband, combining comfort and elegance. They also come with an optional backlit flame in the center of the earcups for added style.

Advanced Noise Cancellation and Voice Assistants:

Active noise cancellation is onboard with three user-adjustable levels to block out ambient noise effectively. The Bathys headphones also support Siri for Apple iPhone users and Google Assistant for those with Android devices.

Impressive Battery Life:

Each model in the Bathys series offers up to 30 hours of listening time on a single charge, and they support fast charging, providing an extra five hours of playback for just 15 minutes of charging time.

Dune Colorway for a Stylish Look:

Focal introduces the Bathys Dune, a sand-like color option that complements the existing black and silver colorways. This new finish draws inspiration from quarry minerals, Greek landscapes, and desert sands, offering an elegant, harmonious look that pairs well with any outfit.

Sound Personalization for Everyone:

The highlight of this update is the Mimi hearing test, available through the Focal & Naim app. It allows users to configure the Bathys sound according to their unique hearing profiles, ensuring that anyone can enjoy the Focal sound to its fullest. Even existing Bathys owners can benefit from this test by updating their app.

Does the Hearing Test Work?

While users may initially overcompensate based on the test results, the Mimi hearing test is an insightful exercise that can help individuals realize their hearing needs. It's important to note that professional audiologist visits are still necessary for an accurate assessment. The test results are stored in the Mimi app, and profiles can be easily shared across devices, making it convenient for users.

A Promising Update:

Focal's Bathys headphones were already highly regarded in the wireless headphone category, and this update with Mimi technology enhances their appeal. The headphones' new Dune color option adds a touch of mainstream appeal, making them even more enticing in a competitive market.

In conclusion, Focal's Bathys headphones, now with Mimi sound personalization, continue to impress and maintain their position as a top choice for audiophiles and tech enthusiasts alike.