Say Goodbye to Vudu, Hello Fandango at Home: Everything Changes

Say Goodbye to Vudu, Hello Fandango at Home: Everything Changes

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction: The End of Vudu, the Rise of Fandango at Home
  • Vudu's History and Key Features
  • Acquisition History
  • Rebranding Rationale
  • Service Transition and Impact on Users
  • Comparison of Streaming Services
  • Speculation on the Future of Fandango at Home
  • Conclusion

Introduction: The End of Vudu, the Rise of Fandango at Home

Fandango is retiring the long-standing Vudu brand name, effectively ending a significant chapter in digital movie service history. The popular movie and TV streaming platform will adopt the new moniker "Fandango at Home." This is a reversal of Fandango's 2021 decision to merge FandangoNOW with Vudu. Vudu customers were notified of the upcoming change via email.

Vudu's History and Key Features

Founded in 2007, Vudu emerged as a trailblazer in on-demand streaming. Vudu's initial hardware, the Vudu Box, employed innovative pre-loading of popular movie titles to overcome bandwidth limitations and enable instantaneous playback.

Its emphasis on superior HDX format picture and audio quality solidified its appeal among enthusiasts seeking high-quality movie experiences, setting it apart from many early market competitors. The service currently offers:

  • Over 200,000 movie and TV show titles for rent or purchase
  • New releases
  • Thousands of free, ad-supported titles

Acquisition History

Vudu went through several strategic ownership changes during its history.

  • 2010: Walmart acquired Vudu, signifying a major retail player's interest in the digital entertainment market.
  • 2020: Fandango Media (owned by Comcast's NBCUniversal) acquired Vudu from Walmart. This move integrated Vudu with Fandango's ticket-selling services.

Rebranding Rationale

According to Fandango's senior VP of OTT and streaming, the goal is to consolidate all services under the Fandango brand to provide a cohesive entertainment experience for users, both at home and at theaters. They hope that this integration better addresses the growing entertainment expectations of modern consumers.

Service Transition and Impact on Users

Fandango assures users that existing movie and TV libraries will be seamlessly transferred to the rebranded platform. Account information and logins will not require resetting. While a specific timeline for the changeover is not provided, an FAQ section is available on the Vudu website.

Comparison of Streaming Services

For clarity, here's how Fandango at Home will compare to popular streaming services:



Content Focus Price Structure Advantages Disadvantages
Fandango at Home

Movies & TV shows


 Pay-per-view or purchase  Early access to new releases,           large library Higher cost on a per-title basis

Original content, licensed TV series, and movies


 Monthly subscription plans  Vast library, affordability Limited focus on new releases


Prime Video

Original content, mainstream movies and TV series


 Included with Prime membership, option of standalone access Included in Prime benefits, good mix of content Additional cost for some rentals

   Original content, premium dramas


 Monthly subscription plans HBO exclusives, quality content selection Requires premium subscription
Disney+ Disney universe including family-friendly fare  Monthly subscription plan Child-friendly content, Star Wars, Marvel Focus on specific brands


Speculation on the Future of Fandango at Home

Potential directions for Fandango at Home include:

  • Original Content Production: With Fandango's connection to the movie industry, producing or acquiring original content is conceivable.
  • Fandango Perks: Combining ticket buying perks with discounts on digital rentals is possible.
  • Expanded Integration: Linking the platform further with Fandango's core ticketing business is plausible.


The Vudu brand, despite its longevity, will come to an end in favor of a unified Fandango entertainment experience. Movie enthusiasts remain curious about the platform's future and its position in the crowded streaming landscape.