Definitive Technology Unveils Mythos Series

Definitive Technology Unveils Mythos Series

In tandem with the highly anticipated Dymension CI Series in-wall and in-ceiling speaker launch, Definitive Technology introduces its Mythos series on-wall speakers, poised to redefine home theater soundscapes.

The Mythos series introduces a comprehensive lineup, encompassing three on-wall LCR (Left, Center, Right) home theater speakers, and three on-wall passive soundbars, each tailored to seamlessly complement leading manufacturers' 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch TVs.

What sets the Mythos Series apart are its innovative features:

Multi-Speaker Array: Whether you opt for the 5, 7, or 9 drivers in the LCR models or the 11 or 13 drivers in the 3C Passive Soundbar models, the Mythos Series delivers a robust, high-performance audio experience. This is achieved through the use of XTDD Drivers (Xtra Thin Dynamic Dome Drivers), which, despite their slim profile, ensure the speakers retain the power, clarity, dynamic range, and extended response expected from speakers with more substantial physical depth. Notably, XTDD drivers are employed for both the mid-range and woofers.

Aluminum Oxide Dome Tweeters: These rigid tweeters provide precision in high-frequency sound imaging.

Timbre-Matched Design: The Mythos Series seamlessly integrates with the Dymension Series tower and center-channel speakers, ensuring consistent audio quality across your setup.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Cabinet: Durability meets sophistication with sturdy construction and separate acoustic chambers in the 3C passive soundbar models.

Precision Crossovers: Smooth transitions between mid-bass and high frequencies ensure optimal audio quality.

Microperforated Powercoated Steel Grills: These grills not only offer a stylish aesthetic but also maintain optimum acoustic transparency.

Exterior Finish: The LCR speakers and passive soundbars are elegantly finished in black anodized aluminum.

Weatherproof Reliability: The Mythos series boasts an IP66 rating, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, elevating your outdoor entertainment experiences.

Sleek Thin Profile: Designed for on-wall placement, the Mythos LCR speakers and 3C passive soundbars feature a space-saving depth of only 1.89 inches.

Adjustable Extensions: Height and width extensions are provided for seamless integration with LG, Samsung, and Sony TVs, ensuring a visually pleasing setup.

The flexibility of the Mythos series empowers integrators to create customized audio configurations tailored to specific project requirements. With its blend of high-performance sound and design aesthetics, the Mythos Series emerges as an ideal choice for both home entertainment spaces and light commercial installations.

Mythos Series Specifications:

LCR Models:

  • LCR-65 (best for 65-inch TVs): $1,199
  • LCR-75 (best for 75-inch TVs): $1,499
  • LCR-85 (best for 85-inch TVs): $1,799

3C Passive Soundbar Models:

  • 3C-65 (best for 65-inch TVs): $1,399
  • 3C-75 (best for 75-inch TVs): $1,999
  • 3C-85 (best for 85-inch TVs): $2,399

The Definitive Technology Mythos Series on-wall LCR and Passive Soundbar speakers are slated for release in October 2023, available at Definitive Technology's official website and through authorized dealers and installers. Elevate your audio experience with Mythos, where innovation meets elegance.