Samsung Unveils 98-Inch 8K Neo QLED TV: A High-Tech Marvel for Home Entertainment Enthusiasts

Samsung Unveils 98-Inch 8K Neo QLED TV: A High-Tech Marvel for Home Entertainment Enthusiasts

Samsung, a pioneer in display technology, has just dropped a bombshell at the CEDIA Expo 2023 by introducing its first-ever 98-inch 8K TV, the QN990C. This massive leap in screen size is geared towards catching the attention of custom installers and integrators, aiming to redefine the home entertainment experience.

The Neo QLED Revolution

At the heart of the QN990C lies Samsung's upgraded Neo QLED display panel, showcasing mini-LED backlighting. This technology builds upon the now-discontinued 98-inch QN100B Neo QLED 4K TV, which was reviewed in 2022. It also joins the 98-inch Q80C QLED 4K TV unveiled in June. However, the QN990C sets itself apart with its Neo QLED panel and comes with a substantial $40,000 price tag, matching the QN100B.

With its colossal 98-inch screen boasting native 8K resolution, the QN990C challenges video projectors, a preferred choice for custom installers, in terms of sheer screen size. Samsung aims to deliver a visual feast to rival any home theater experience.

AI-Powered 8K Brilliance

At the core of the QN990C is Samsung's cutting-edge 8K Neural Quantum Processor, a powerhouse that elevates lower-resolution content to mesmerizing 8K clarity. The TV also features an 8K AI depth enhancer, which intelligently enhances lighting around objects that capture viewers' attention while dimming the surrounding areas. Samsung's mini-LED-based Quantum Matrix Pro backlight takes things up a notch, providing 1.5 times more lighting zones than the standard Quantum Matrix backlight, resulting in enhanced color and contrast.

Unmatched Performance

Samsung's Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ ensures silky-smooth images with no lag or motion blur, supporting refresh rates of up to 120 Hz. The TV is engineered for anti-glare viewing, ensuring a consistent and detailed 8K picture from any angle, in any lighting condition.

Sleek Design and Immersive Sound

The QN990C boasts a slim, all-metal frame designed for easy wall mounting, and the mount is included for added convenience. It also features the Samsung Gaming Hub for hassle-free game streaming directly from the TV. Dolby Atmos surround decoding with Object Tracking Sound creates a cinematic audio experience. With its 360-degree All-Metal Design, slim profile, Slim Fit Wall Mount, and Anti-Glare screen with Ultra Viewing Angle technology, the QN990C offers a blend of style and performance.

The Samsung Lineup at CEDIA Expo 2023

Samsung's presence at CEDIA Expo 2023 is more extensive than ever, showcasing an array of screens, including Neo QLED TVs, OLED TVs, and Lifestyle screens. The new 85-inch Class Terrace Full Sun Neo QLED 4K TV is designed for outdoor installation, offering impressive brightness even in direct sunlight. Additionally, Samsung OLED TVs deliver unmatched picture quality, and the soundbars, including the flagship HW-Q990C, complete the audio-visual experience.

Samsung's Commitment to Service and Support

To further support custom installers, Samsung has introduced the Dealer Service Portal, enabling authorized dealers to manage service issues in real-time, 24/7. Samsung's Direct Dealer Platinum Program offers improved margins and regional distribution support, streamlining access to consumer and commercial products. Moreover, Samsung continues its charitable matching program, pledging to match a portion of a custom installer's volume incentive rebate as a donation to select organizations.

Samsung's dominance in the display industry, coupled with its commitment to innovation and customer support, solidifies its position as a trusted partner for custom installers and integrators.

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