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Klipsch's Refreshed Plus Series: The One Plus and The Three Plus

Klipsch's Refreshed Plus Series: The One Plus and The Three Plus

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For the past five years, when it comes to high-end tabletop wireless loudspeakers, a select few brands have reigned supreme. Sonos, Ultimate Ears, Bluesound, Bowers & Wilkins, and Klipsch have consistently delivered top-notch performance. However, Klipsch is shaking things up with their refreshed Plus series, which includes The One Plus and The Three Plus.

The Evolution of Sound

The Plus series is an evolution of Klipsch's earlier models, The One II and The Three II, which saw their last update in 2019. These speakers originally debuted in 2016 and quickly gained a reputation for their exceptional sound quality. With the new "Plus" models, Klipsch takes things up a notch.

One of the standout features of these updated models is the inclusion of a USB-C input, an upgrade to Bluetooth 5.3, and a shift to a bass reflex enclosure from a sealed design. These improvements contribute to an even better listening experience.

Broadcast Mode: A Unique Klipsch Feature

One of the most exciting additions to The One Plus and The Three Plus is Klipsch's Broadcast Mode. This innovative feature allows you to wirelessly connect up to 10 individual Klipsch One or Three Plus speakers, creating a seamless, immersive multi-speaker sound experience. While both models share this functionality, The Three Plus takes things further with larger drivers and double the amplifier power, making it ideal for more spacious rooms.

Comparing The One Plus and The Three Plus

Here's a quick comparison between the two models:

  • The One Plus: Priced at $249, it boasts maximum acoustic output of 103dB, two 2.25" full-range drivers, and a 4.5" woofer. With 60W of power and a frequency response of 55Hz-20kHz, it's a powerful performer. The USB-C, Bluetooth 5.3, and 3.5mm Miniplug (Analog) inputs make it versatile and modern.

  • The Three Plus: Priced at $349, it takes things up a notch with a maximum acoustic output of 106dB. It features two 2.25" full-range drivers, a 5.25" long-throw woofer, and dual opposing passive radiators. With 120W of power and a frequency response of 45Hz-20kHz, it's perfect for larger rooms. In addition to USB-C and Bluetooth 5.3, it offers RCA (with Phono Pre-Amp) and Optical inputs for enhanced connectivity.

Both models come in sleek walnut and matte black finishes, offering a touch of sophistication to any room.

The Klipsch Connect App

To enhance the user experience, Klipsch has developed the Klipsch Connect app for iOS and Android devices. This app allows you to adjust EQ settings, receive firmware updates, and now, it enables Klipsch Broadcast Mode for a multi-speaker setup. While this feature does have a Bluetooth range limitation, it adds a whole new dimension to your listening experience.

A Modern Take on a Classic Design

Klipsch's Heritage series has always been known for its mid-century modern style, featuring wood veneers and fabric grilles that harken back to the golden era of audio. The One Plus and The Three Plus continue this tradition but with a modern twist. They feature rounded edges, simplified controls, improved compatibility with digital audio sources, and lower price points.

Both models are available in black or walnut finishes, starting September 25th at and select retailers.

Cutting-Edge Connectivity

The Plus series isn't just about aesthetics and design. These speakers take a step forward in connectivity with USB-C, Bluetooth 5.3, and Klipsch Connect App compatibility. Whether you're streaming from your computer or charging external devices, these speakers have you covered.

The Three Plus even adds an optical digital input that supports high-resolution audio, making it an excellent choice for audiophiles.

The Verdict: A Modern Classic

Klipsch's Plus series, featuring The One Plus and The Three Plus, combines timeless design with modern technology. These speakers offer a remarkable listening experience with enhanced connectivity options. Plus, the introduction of Broadcast Mode takes multi-speaker setups to the next level.

With competitive pricing, starting at $249, Klipsch is once again proving that high-end audio doesn't have to come with a high-end price tag. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or just starting your audio journey, The One Plus and The Three Plus are sure to impress. Get ready to elevate your listening experience with Klipsch's latest offerings.