The E3 Closed-Back Headphones by Dan Clark Audio

The E3 Closed-Back Headphones by Dan Clark Audio

By CE Critic - Buy Better Tech

Dan Clark Audio has unleashed its latest masterpiece – the E3 Closed-Back headphones. Priced at an enticing $1999.99, the E3 is not just a redesign but a reimagining of the Ether C Flow hi-fi closed-back headphones, marking a significant stride in Dan Clark's planar magnetic headphone collection.

Elevating Closed-Back Listening

The E3 transcends the boundaries of traditional closed-back headphones, introducing Dan Clark's signature open-back listening experience while preserving the noise isolation associated with closed-back over-ear headphones. The incorporation of the patent-pending Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS) and a cutting-edge fifth-generation planar magnetic driver elevates the E3's sound profile, delivering smooth, rich detail with a remarkably spacious soundstage.

Design that Resonates: Comfort Meets Aesthetics

Sporting Dan Clark's renowned self-adjusting headband and plush earpads, the E3 marries comfort with aesthetics, featuring a sleek black and blue design. The ergonomic design ensures extended listening sessions are not just an auditory delight but a physical one too. For those on the move, the E3's folding gimbals make it a conveniently compact travel companion.

Unraveling Sonic Wonders: Features that Dazzle

Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS)

The E3 introduces Dan Clark's AMTS tuning system, a feature previously reserved for the brand's premium models. Custom-tuned for each pair, the AMTS system provides an unparalleled listening experience by eliminating high-frequency standing waves, resulting in a lifelike and surprising top-end tone.

Fifth-Generation Planar-Magnetic Driver

The all-new fifth-generation planar-magnetic driver takes center stage, boasting a tension system for uniform performance, lower distortion, and enhanced consistency. Teamed up with AMTS, the drivers deliver high resolution without compromising on frequency responses and inducing distortions.

Gorilla Glass 3 Ear Cup Finish

The E3's ear cups, resembling open-back headphones, cleverly conceal their secret – a Gorilla Glass 3 cover. This thin, scratch-resistant glass enhances durability while paying homage to the open-back listening experience that the E3 so masterfully delivers.

Dual-Mode Bass Ports

Innovation echoes through the dual-mode bass ports featured on the E3's ear cups. A novel approach in closed-back headphones, these ports control the bass frequency response, crafting a balanced and impactful bass that resonates with power and precision.

E3: A Sonic Odyssey

Dan Clark Audio boldly claims that the E3 sets a new standard in midrange headphone performance. With a promise of balanced, nuanced, and explosively dynamic sound, the E3 invites audiophiles to experience its vast soundstage, rivaling open-back headphones in depth, width, and imaging.

As the E3 hits the shelves, audiophiles eagerly await the critical evaluation from CE Critics, anticipating a score that mirrors the revolutionary leap that Dan Clark Audio has taken in the realm of closed-back headphones. The E3 emerges not just as a product but as a statement – a declaration that innovation and sonic excellence know no bounds.