Premium Audio Company Unveils Major Firmware Update for Integra, Onkyo, Elite and Pioneer Flagship AV Receivers

Premium Audio Company Unveils Major Firmware Update for Integra, Onkyo, Elite and Pioneer Flagship AV Receivers

By CE Critic - Buy Better Tech

Premium Audio Company (PAC) is boosting the performance and functionality of its flagship AV receivers with a comprehensive firmware update, delivering enhanced audio playback, room correction, and streaming capabilities. This update applies to the Integra DRX-8.4, Onkyo TX-RZ70, Elite VSX-LX805, and Pioneer VSX-LX805 models launched in Spring 2023, following the recent addition of Dirac Live Bass Control in Summer 2023.

Immersive 3D Sound Experiences:

  • Auro-3D: Dive into a world of hyper-realistic audio with the addition of Auro-3D, an advanced format layering sound across lower, height, and top channels. Enjoy native Auro-encoded content and upmix legacy materials with Auro-Matic for a natural 3D experience.

High-Resolution Audiophile Delight:

  • Roon Ready: Roon enthusiasts rejoice! This update grants Roon Ready certification to all four receivers, unlocking the power of Roon's music player for high-resolution audio decoding and playback with TIDAL and Qobuz integration.

Enhanced Control and Flexibility:

  • Pre-Amp Mode: Take control of your soundstage with the new Pre-Amp mode. Disabling the Power Amp output improves Signal/Noise level and sound quality while reducing power consumption. Choose between front Left and Right speakers or the entire system.

  • Source-Based Tone Mapping: Simplify HDR setup with Source-Based Tone Mapping, which automatically optimizes HDR signals from source devices for maximized processing and display capability without manual configuration.

Cutting-Edge Streaming and Audio Technologies:

  • Dolby Atmos Music Playback for Amazon Music HD: Be among the first to experience Dolby Atmos Music on Amazon Music HD with these AVRs, enjoying spatial audio elements for a truly immersive music experience.

  • Improved Dirac Room Correction Delay Times: Achieve seamless speaker placement with extended Dirac Live delay times, offering correction for a wider range of speaker distances (approx. 6.8 meters to nearly 17 meters).


The firmware update will automatically be indicated on internet-connected Onkyo, Elite, and Pioneer models. Integra users can access it through the "Setup Firmware Menu." For offline units, download and install the update via a USB drive.

This update marks a significant step forward for PAC's flagship AV receivers, offering a blend of cutting-edge technologies and enhanced control for an unparalleled home theater experience.