LG Announces Pricing and Availability for 2024 QNED TVs

LG Announces Pricing and Availability for 2024 QNED TVs

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LG Electronics has released official information on its latest lineup of QNED and QNED Mini LED TVs for 2024. Featuring upgraded processing, refined picture quality, and sleek designs, LG aims to provide consumers with a range of options tailored to individual needs.

Table of Contents

  • Key Specs and Features
  • QNED90T (Mini LED) Lineup
  • QNED85T (LED) Lineup
  • Advanced Picture and Sound Tech
  • webOS 5.0 for Enhanced User Experience
  • Pricing, Preorders, and Promotions

Key Specs and Features

LG's 2024 QNED TVs promise several key improvements and features:

  • Upgraded Processor: The new α8 (Alpha 8) AI Processor offers improved AI performance, faster execution, and better graphics compared to its predecessor.
  • Enhanced Picture Quality: AI Picture Pro technology leverages deep learning to expertly adjust images in real-time, ensuring optimal settings for various content types. Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro adds depth and realism by optimizing HDR across multiple image blocks.
  • Customizable Viewing: The Personalized Picture Wizard allows users to create custom image preferences for a tailored viewing experience.
  • Quantum Dot NanoCell Color: LG's proprietary color technology delivers a wide color gamut and high accuracy for immersive color reproduction.
  • Intelligent Audio: AI Sound Pro optimizes sound profiles based on content and creates virtual surround sound. LG's WOW Orchestra feature seamlessly merges a compatible LG soundbar with the TV's built-in speakers for a bigger, room-filling sound experience.
  • Sleek, Modern Design: The 2024 QNED TVs, especially the QNED85T series, offer a slim and stylish form factor ideal for wall-mounting or stand-based integration.

QNED90T (Mini LED) Lineup

The flagship QNED90T series uses Mini LED backlight technology for improved brightness and contrast. These TVs also boast LG's Precision Dimming for optimal backlight control.

  • Superb HDR Formats: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG support
  • Audio Specs: Dolby Atmos and DTS:X (passthrough)
  • Million Grey Scale: Precise contrast and nuanced shades of gray
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • Gaming Features: VRR, ALLM, AMD FreeSync

QNED85T (LED) Lineup

The QNED85T series delivers great value by focusing on core LED-based QNED features with excellent color and local dimming, while trading some high-end performance for more attractive price points.

  • HDR Formats: HDR10, HLG support
  • Audio Specs: DTS:X (passthrough)
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • Gaming Features: VRR, ALLM, AMD FreeSync

Advanced Picture and Sound Tech

LG's 2024 QNED TVs leverage intelligent algorithms and processing power to improve various aspects of your home entertainment:

  • AI Picture Pro: Uses deep learning analysis to distinguish different elements within a scene (faces, objects, background) and adjusts picture settings accordingly for the most realistic image possible.
  • Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro: Enhances HDR performance by analyzing images in blocks for targeted optimization, leading to a more three-dimensional viewing experience.
  • AI Sound Pro: Optimizes sound for movies, sports, music, etc., and can upscale TV speaker output to virtual surround sound.

webOS 5.0 for Enhanced User Experience

The latest version of LG's smart TV platform, webOS 5.0, offers features designed around user convenience and personalization:

  • Individual User Profiles: Customize the UI and recommendations with multiple user profiles.
  • Quick Cards: Organize frequently used apps and functions into easily accessible groups.
  • Accessibility Features: Dedicated settings menu and helpful guides for users with disabilities.
  • webOS Re:New Program: Receive webOS updates for up to five years on select models.

Pricing, Preorders, and Promotions


Size SKU Price
QNED90T 86 inch 86QNED90TUA $3,299
QNED90T 75 inch 75QNED90TUA $2,299
QNED90T 65 Inch 65QNED90TUA $1,899



Size SKU Price
QNED85T  86 inches 86QNED85TUA $2,799
QNED85T  75 inches 75QNED85TUA $1,799
QNED85T  65 inches 65QNED85TUA $1,299
QNED85T  55 inches 55QNED85TUA $999
QNED85T  50 inches 50QNED85TUA $849


For detailed pricing and sizes, please refer to the original article or LG's official website. LG offers the following preorder incentives (valid until March 17, 2024):

  • 5% back in membership rewards
  • Free wall mounting or TV stand setup
  • Free LG Smart Cam