Optoma UHZ55: Low Lag, Big Thrills The Ultimate Giant-Screen Gaming Projector?

Optoma UHZ55: Low Lag, Big Thrills The Ultimate Giant-Screen Gaming Projector?

By CE Critic - Buy Better Tech

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Key Features and Specifications
    • Image Quality
    • Light Source
    • Gaming Support
    • Smart Home Features
    • Audio - WiSA HT Certification
  • Setup and Use Considerations
  • Conclusion


In a market where large-screen TVs and ultra-short-throw projectors dominate, the Optoma UHZ55 laser projector stands out as a compelling option for those seeking a massive, cinematic viewing experience. Traditional "standard-throw" projectors like the UHZ55 offer a significant advantage in pure screen size potential compared to their counterparts. While developments like tighter EU regulations on lamp-based projectors are driving faster adoption of UST models, laser-based projectors like the UHZ55 remain exempt, offering a long lifespan and other advantages.

Key Features and Specifications

Image Quality

  • Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) via pixel shifting technology. Pixel shifting quadruples the number of on-screen pixels compared to the projector's native 1080p DLP chip for a sharp 4K picture.
  • Brightness: 3,000 ANSI Lumens. Enables viewing in rooms with some ambient light, though optimal image quality requires a darkened environment.
  • Contrast Ratio: 2,500,000:1. Provides potential for deep blacks and bright highlights. However, contrast specs should be taken with a grain of salt as they're often derived from lab conditions that don't reflect real-world performance.
  • Color Accuracy and HDR: Supports HDR10 and HLG high dynamic range formats.
  • 3D Support: Yes, projects 3D images in 1080p.

Light Source

  • Type: Laser-based (Optoma DuraCore technology). Eliminates the need for lamp replacements.
  • Lifespan: Up to 30,000 hours (Eco Mode). Provides years of use with minimal upkeep costs compared to lamp-based projectors.
  • Brightness Stability: Maintains consistent brightness throughout its lifespan.
  • Environmental Impact: Mercury-free design.
  • IP6X Certification: Dustproof optical engine for long-term reliable operation.

Gaming Support

  • Refresh Rates: Supports 4K/60Hz and 1080p/240Hz, ideal for modern gaming consoles and PCs.
  • Response Time: 16.9ms (4K/60Hz), 4ms (1080p/240Hz). Low input lag for a responsive gaming experience.
  • MEMC: Incorporates Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation for smoother motion handling in fast-paced content.

Smart Home Features

  • Built-in Media Player: Play movies and other media directly from USB storage devices.
  • App Store: Access popular streaming apps through the Optoma Marketplace (though the app selection may be less extensive compared to dedicated streaming devices or smart TVs).
  • Creative Cast: Wirelessly mirror content from smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Cloud File Manager Manage and transfer files between your devices and the projector through cloud storage services.
  • IFTTT: Integrate the UHZ55 with other smart home devices for enhanced automation.
  • Optoma Connect/InfoWall Use your smartphone to create a personalized control interface for the projector.
  • Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Audio - WiSA HT Certification

  • Built-in Speakers: 2 x 10W. Sufficient for basic audio needs.
  • WiSA HT certification: Stream high-quality audio wirelessly to compatible WiSA speakers for a premium, surround sound setup without the need for complex speaker wiring.

Setup and Use Considerations

  • Screen Size: Capable of projecting images ranging from 34.1 to 302.4 inches, offering significant flexibility in room placement and screen choice.
  • Throw Distance: 47.24 to 318.9 inches. Requires adequate space for accommodating the projector.
  • Zoom: 1.3x manual zoom allows for some image size adjustment.
  • Lens Shift and Keystone Correction: Features vertical lens shift and both horizontal and vertical keystone correction, easing installation and image alignment.
  • Fan Noise: 27 dB in Eco Mode, relatively quiet for its brightness.


The Optoma UHZ55 4K laser projector is a compelling option for home theater enthusiasts and gamers looking for a truly massive screen and a bright, long-lasting picture. Its laser light source, smart features, and gaming-focused performance make it a versatile projector worth considering.