Q Acoustics Launches New 3000c Speaker Series: Affordable Performance with Flagship Tech

Q Acoustics Launches New 3000c Speaker Series: Affordable Performance with Flagship Tech

By: CE Critic

Q Acoustics, the popular British speaker brand, has unveiled the all-new 3000c loudspeaker series at the High End Munich 2024 show. Building upon the success of the award-winning 3000i series, the 3000c models promise high-end features and superior performance at surprisingly affordable price points.

Key Innovations and Features

  • C3 Continuous Curved Cone Driver: This newly developed driver, first seen in the higher-end 5000 series, combines the powerful bass of a straight conic cone with the detail and control of a flared cone. The C3 delivers smoother frequency response, reduced distortion, and broader soundstage.
  • Enhanced Tweeter Design: The high-frequency driver is hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated from the front baffle, minimizing vibrations and internal pressure changes for cleaner, more nuanced treble.
  • P2P (Point to Point) Bracing: This internal bracing system, pioneered in the Concept series, reduces low-frequency cabinet resonances for clearer, tighter bass and improved stereo imaging.
  • HPE (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer): Featured in the 3050c floorstander, these tuned tubes smooth out internal pressure variations for lower distortion and a more even frequency response.
  • Refined Design: The 3000c series boasts a minimalist aesthetic with satin metallic driver trims and four stylish new finishes: Pin Oak, Claro Rosewood, Satin White, and Satin Black.

Model Lineup and Pricing

The Q Acoustics 3000c series comprises five models, catering to both stereo music setups and home cinema systems:

  • 3010c Bookshelf: $399/pair (£329 / €399)
  • 3020c Standmount: $499/pair (£399 / €499)
  • 3030c Larger Standmount: $649/pair (£499 / €649)
  • 3050c Floorstander: $1,199/pair (£899 / €1,199)
  • 3090c Center Channel: $399 each (£299 / €399)

Q Acoustics will also be offering complete 5.1 home cinema packages, including matched subwoofers, with pricing TBC.


The Q Acoustics 3000c speaker series will be available in August 2024.

Technical Specifications


Model   Bass Unit   Treble Unit   Freq. Response (-6dB)   Sensitivity   Rec. Amp Power   Dimensions (HxWxD)   Weight 
3010c  1x 101mm  1x 22mm  60 Hz - 30 kHz  84.5 dB  15 - 80 W  254 x 155 x 251mm  4.4 kg
3020c  1x 120mm  1x 22mm  60 Hz - 30 kHz  87.0 dB  25 - 90 W  279 x 175 x 281mm  5.5 kg
3030c  1x 142mm  1x 22mm  48 Hz - 30 kHz  87.0 dB  25 - 90 W  324 x 205 x 329mm  7.1 kg
3050c  2x 142mm  1x 22mm  42 Hz - 30 kHz  91.5 dB  25 - 150 W  1021 x 315 x 316mm  18.4 kg
3090c  2x 101mm  1x 22mm  68 Hz - 30 kHz  92.0 dB  25 - 120 W  159 x 430 x 216mm  6.2 kg