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FiiO SR11: A $99 Budget-Friendly Network Streamer with High-End Aspirations

FiiO SR11: A $99 Budget-Friendly Network Streamer with High-End Aspirations

By: CE Critic

FiiO has expanded its offerings with the introduction of the SR11, a lossless network streamer designed to breathe new life into legacy audio systems. At a price point of $99, the SR11 aims to democratize hi-res audio streaming without breaking the bank.

Key Specifications and Features:

  • Form Factor: Compact desktop unit, ideal for pairing with the FiiO K11 DAC/amp for a space-saving headphone setup.
  • Connectivity:
    • Inputs: Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz), Ethernet
    • Outputs: Optical, Coaxial, USB Type-A, USB Type-C
  • File Format Support: Up to 768kHz/32-bit PCM, DSD256 (no MQA support)
  • Streaming Protocols: AirPlay 2, Roon Ready
  • Streaming Services: TIDAL, Apple Music, Amazon Music (Hi-Res Audio)
  • Additional Features: Custom LCD display, aluminum alloy body, included remote control

Unboxing and Design:

The SR11 arrives in a minimalist package, including the unit itself, a power cable, digital cables, and a remote control. The device boasts a sleek aluminum alloy body with a custom LCD display that provides essential information like track details and volume levels. Its compact size makes it a perfect desktop companion, especially when paired with the FiiO K11 DAC/amp.

Performance and Sound Quality:

While a comprehensive sound quality assessment requires a direct comparison with competitors like the WiiM Pro Plus, initial impressions are promising. The SR11 delivers a clean and detailed sound signature, allowing users to enjoy their favorite streaming services in high resolution. Its ability to handle up to 768kHz/32-bit PCM and DSD256 files ensures compatibility with a wide range of audio formats.

User Experience and Control App:

The SR11 can be controlled either through the included remote control or via a smartphone app. While FiiO's app may not be as feature-rich as some competitors, it provides basic functionality for playback control and settings adjustments. The device's Roon Ready certification is a boon for audiophiles invested in the Roon ecosystem.

Who Should Consider the FiiO SR11?

  • Budget-conscious audiophiles: The SR11 offers a cost-effective way to add hi-res streaming capabilities to existing audio setups.
  • Students and those with limited space: Its compact size and desktop-friendly design make it an ideal choice for dorm rooms or small apartments.
  • Users with legacy audio systems: The SR11's versatile outputs ensure compatibility with various DACs, amplifiers, and active speakers.
  • Fans of FiiO's ecosystem: The SR11 pairs seamlessly with other FiiO products like the K11 DAC/amp and SP3 BT speakers.


  • No MQA Support: Users who rely on MQA-encoded content will need to look elsewhere.
  • App Functionality: FiiO's control app could benefit from additional features and polish.


The FiiO SR11 punches above its weight, offering an impressive feature set and promising sound quality for its $99 price tag. While it may not be the most feature-rich network streamer on the market, it excels at providing an accessible entry point into the world of high-resolution audio streaming. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing audio system or build a compact headphone setup, the SR11 is a compelling option that delivers a lot of value for the price.


The FiiO SR11 is available now from authorized retailers and online for $99.We look forward to the reviews and CE Critic Score.