Dirac Live Bass Control Hits Denon and Marantz AV Receivers: Consistent Bass Everywhere

Dirac Live Bass Control Hits Denon and Marantz AV Receivers: Consistent Bass Everywhere

Good news for Denon and Marantz owners: Dirac Live Bass Control is now available for several existing and upcoming AV receivers and preamplifiers, bringing consistent and accurate bass performance to a wider audience.

Here's the scoop:

  • Models: Seven mid-range and high-end Denon and Marantz units can now run Dirac Live Bass Control. These include:
    • Denon: AVR/AVC-A1H, AVR/AVC-X3800H, AVR/AVC-X4800H, and AVR/AVC-X6800H
    • Marantz: AV 10, CINEMA 40, and CINEMA 50
  • How to get it: An over-the-air software update unlocks the ability to purchase a license for Dirac Live Bass Control on your compatible unit.
  • Pricing:
    • Single Subwoofer: $349
    • Multi-Subwoofer: $499
    • Upgrade from Single to Multi-Subwoofer: $169

Key Features:

  1. Machine Learning and AI Integration: Dirac Live Bass Control leverages machine learning and AI to co-optimize subwoofers and speakers, ensuring a consistent and even bass experience.
  2. Room Analysis: The software aggregates measurement and location data from each subwoofer to analyze and distribute bass evenly throughout the listening area, addressing gaps in sound waves.
  3. Flexible Subwoofer Placement: Dirac Live Bass Control allows subwoofers to be placed anywhere in the room without compromising performance, offering users the freedom to choose aesthetically pleasing locations.
  4. Time Alignment and Phase Adjustment: The system ensures time alignment among all speakers and adjusts phase at low frequencies, optimizing bass for different seating positions.
  5. Smooth Low-Frequency Transition: Users can experience a smoother low-frequency transition at the crossover point between subwoofers and speakers.

Availability and Installation:

Owners of eligible Denon and Marantz units can install the update through dedicated links provided by Dirac. Payments and software upgrades are seamlessly managed through the provided links.

Rikard Hellerfelt, Dirac’s VP of Consumer & E-commerce, emphasized the significance of this expansion, stating, "Now, we’re going even further by making high-quality bass accessible to everyone from professional integrators and audiophiles to the broader consumer market. This is an important moment for our teams and the industry as a whole."

Dirac Live Bass Control joins the esteemed Dirac Live family, enhancing the overall sound performance in any listening area. With this expansion, Dirac continues to push the boundaries of home theater audio, providing users with unparalleled bass optimization and flexibility.

Ready to upgrade your bass game? Check out the links below for installation instructions and purchase options:

Dirac Live Bass Control is a win for Denon and Marantz owners seeking consistent, high-quality bass performance. So, update your software and experience the difference!