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Perlisten Introduces THX Dominus-Certified In-Ceiling Speakers for Ultimate Home Theater Audio

Perlisten Introduces THX Dominus-Certified In-Ceiling Speakers for Ultimate Home Theater Audio

Perlisten, a leading name in audio technology, has introduced a range of in-ceiling speakers designed to redefine the audio experience in large private cinemas. These versatile speakers, showcased at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, offer cinema designers a wealth of options for delivering high-output, low-distortion sound. Engineered using advanced Comsol acoustical modeling, Perlisten's S-Series and R-Series in-ceiling speakers are set to revolutionize home theater sound.

Dan Roemer, Chief Executive Officer of Perlisten Audio, expressed their commitment to the custom integration channel, saying, "The introduction of our new in-ceiling products truly makes us a complete partner to the custom integration channel. Once again, we are taking the lead by presenting something extraordinary with the new flagship in-ceiling S3ic and the R3ic. It's the first time a manufacturer has been able to achieve THX Certified Dominus in an in-ceiling model designed for the largest private theaters of up to 6,500 cubic feet/184 cubic meters."

The S3ic and R3ic models are both three-way speakers and proudly bear the THX Certified Dominus Surround certification. Meanwhile, the R2ic is a two-way model boasting the THX Certified Ultra Surround designation. All these speakers inherit the proprietary technologies from Perlisten's in-wall and floor/stand mount loudspeakers, ensuring true timbre matching and the utmost design flexibility for premium Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, and Auro-3D applications.

Perlisten's S3ic and R3ic speakers feature sealed aluminum enclosures and patent-pending Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) waveguides. The S3ic comprises a 28mm Beryllium dome tweeter and 28mm TPCD ultralightweight dome midrange, complemented by a 165mm TPCD woofer. The R3ic, on the other hand, features a 28mm silk dome tweeter and 28mm silk dome midrange, accompanied by a 165mm HFP pulp woofer.

For those seeking a simplified yet exceptional audio experience, the THX Ultra certified R2ic offers a two-way version of the R3ic. It boasts an innovative tweeter/waveguide DPC array consisting of a 28mm silk dome tweeter and a 165mm HFP pulp woofer. An optional rear enclosure is available for the R2ic.

Perlisten's advanced DPC waveguide technology, meticulously modeled for each in-ceiling speaker, ensures precise control of directivity with a reference axis at 30 degrees. This design provides a broader listening window of +/- 30 vertical and +/- 55 horizontal degrees, guaranteeing ideal coverage within most listening spaces. With these groundbreaking speakers, Perlisten is setting new standards for immersive home theater audio.