Focal / Naim Releases Artist-Curated Playlists: Experience Music at its Best

Focal / Naim Releases Artist-Curated Playlists: Experience Music at its Best

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Table of Contents

  • Product Announcement
  • Compatibility and Availability
  • Featured Professionals
  • Key Benefits
  • Company Statement
  • Where to Find the Playlists

Product Announcement

Focal/Naim America, a leader in high-end audio equipment, releases five new HD audio playlists targeted at specific genres (R&B, EDM, Rock, and Hip Hop/ Rap). These playlists showcase music mixed on Focal studio monitors.

Compatibility and Availability

  • Streaming Services: Playlists are available on Apple Music, Qobuz, Tidal, and Amazon Music HD.
  • Target Audience: Audiophiles, sound engineers, music enthusiasts, Focal dealers, and the press.

Featured Professionals

The playlists include tracks mixed by 20 talented engineers:

  • Leslie Brathwaite
  • Thomas ‘Tillie’ Mann
  • Will Yip
  • Mike Pepe
  • Ryan West
  • Luca Pretolesi
  • Adrian Quesada
  • ‘Mixed by Humanz (a duo)
  • Jimmy Bralower
  • Eric Stenman
  • Michael Ramos
  • Rob Tavaglione
  • Athena Wilkinson
  • Charles
  • Brad Smalling
  • Robert Guzman
  • Phil Greiss
  • Diamante Anthony Blackman
  • Mike Lawson
  • Fergie

Key Benefits

  • Authentic Listening Experience: Hear music exactly as the mixing engineers intended by using Focal speakers or headphones.
  • Immersion: Focal sound equipment delivers superior accuracy for deeper engagement with the music.

Company Statement

"Mixed on Focal playlists create a perfect way to show off the incredible sound of Focal. Today Focal offers five new genre-specific ‘Mixed on Focal’ high-resolution streaming playlists, featuring over 100 songs to playback on Focal speakers or headphones—the same quality speakers the songs were mixed on." - Romain Vet, VP of Sales & Marketing at Focal Naim America

Focal Gear used on the mixes:

  • Focal Trio11 Be
  • Trio6 Be
  • Twin6 Be
  • Solo6 Be
  • Shape 65
  • Shape 40

Where to Find the Playlists

Access the playlists on Focal's Artist Experience website: https://www.thefocalproexperience.com/artistsexperiences