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Marantz MODEL M1 & M4: Hi-Res Wireless Streaming Amps

Marantz MODEL M1 & M4: Hi-Res Wireless Streaming Amps

By: CE Critic

Marantz, renowned for its legacy in high-performance audio, has launched the MODEL M1 and M4 wireless streaming amplifiers, targeting both audiophiles and those new to hi-fi. These amplifiers promise versatile functionality, high-resolution audio support, and seamless integration into multi-room setups.

MODEL M1: Compact Powerhouse for Streamlined Audio

The MODEL M1 is a compact yet powerful streaming amplifier designed for a variety of listening scenarios.


  • Amplification: 100W per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 0.005% THD)
  • Hi-Res Audio: Supports up to 24-bit/192kHz PCM and DSD
  • Streaming: HEOS Built-in (including AirPlay2, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth), TIDAL and Roon Ready support
  • Connectivity: HDMI eARC, RCA stereo input, USB-A, optical input for TV audio
  • Outputs: Speaker binding posts, subwoofer output with adjustable crossover and level
  • Additional Features: Dolby Digital+ decoding, dialogue enhancement, virtual surround mode

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High-Resolution Audio: The M1 is a fully digital amplifier, ensuring pristine audio quality from streaming services, network-stored files, or USB devices.
  • Versatile Streaming: HEOS integration offers access to a wide array of music services, while Bluetooth, AirPlay2, and Spotify Connect cater to diverse user preferences.
  • TV Sound Enhancement: With HDMI eARC and Dolby Digital+ decoding, the M1 enhances TV audio, offering virtual surround and dialogue clarity.
  • Compact Design: Its small footprint makes it easy to place on a shelf or mount on a wall.
  • HEOS Multi-room: Seamlessly integrate the M1 into a whole-home audio system with other HEOS-enabled devices.

Availability and Pricing:

The Marantz MODEL M1 is available now for $1,000 USD (£900 / €1000).

MODEL M4: Rack-Mount Power for Multi-Room Audio

The MODEL M4 shares the same features as the M1 but is designed for rack-mounted installations and multi-room audio distribution.


  • Amplification: 8 x 100W (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 0.05% THD)
  • Zones: Drives up to four independent zones
  • Streaming: HEOS, AirPlay2, Spotify Connect, four independent HEOS modules
  • Connectivity: 4 x stereo RCA inputs, 4 x USB-A, optical input for TV audio
  • Outputs: Speaker binding posts (L/R sets)
  • Additional Features: 2U rack height, rack mount ears, fan cooling, extensive control system compatibility

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful Multi-Zone Audio: Drive four separate rooms with independent music choices and volume control.
  • Installation-Optimized: Rack-mountable design with fan cooling ensures reliable operation in enclosed spaces.
  • Customizable Control: Compatible with leading control systems like Crestron, Control4, and URC.

Availability and Pricing:

The Marantz MODEL M4 is available now for $3,500 USD (£3000 / €3500).

Competitive Landscape:

While the MODEL M1 offers impressive features, it faces competition from products like the WiiM Amp Pro and SVS Prime Wireless Pro Soundbase, which offer similar functionality at lower price points. However, the M1 stands out with its high-resolution audio support, fully digital amplification, and seamless HEOS integration.

The MODEL M4 caters to a more niche market, but its rack-mount design and multi-zone capabilities make it a strong contender for custom installations.


Marantz's MODEL M1 and M4 represent a new generation of wireless streaming amplifiers, offering a blend of performance, versatility, and convenience. Whether you're building a single-room hi-fi setup or a whole-home audio system, these amplifiers offer a compelling solution for modern audio enthusiasts. We look forward to the reviews and CE Critic Score.