JVC Releases Second-Generation Frame Adapt HDR

JVC Releases Second-Generation Frame Adapt HDR

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JVC has released a firmware update for its current lineup of D-ILA projectors. The release, anticipated since its announcement at CEDIA 2023, introduces the second generation of JVC's Frame Adapt HDR tone-mapping technology. This update promises a significant enhancement in High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture quality, delivering a more immersive and three-dimensional viewing experience.

Frame Adapt HDR: Redefining HDR Excellence

Initially introduced in October 2019, Frame Adapt HDR has been a hallmark feature, analyzing HDR10 images on a frame-by-frame basis and optimizing tone mapping for superior quality. The second-generation update, available in mid-November, takes this technology to new heights. The re-engineered algorithm prioritizes suppressing peak white information, particularly in high-brightness areas, without compromising color integrity. The result is HDR images with heightened definition and a more vivid three-dimensional appearance.

Advanced Features for Precise Control

The firmware update doesn't stop at HDR improvements. For projectors equipped with JVC's BLU-Escent laser, users now have the ability to make light-source adjustments with unprecedented precision. The adjustment steps have increased from three to an impressive 100 steps, enabling users to fine-tune brightness according to their preferences and environmental conditions.

Additionally, a new USB backup function simplifies the user experience by allowing the backup of all stored settings on a USB flash drive. This feature ensures that users can safeguard their preferences and settings conveniently.

Key Features of the Firmware Update:

  1. Second Generation Frame Adapt HDR: The enhanced tone-mapping algorithm suppresses peak white information, especially in high brightness areas, delivering HDR images with higher definition and a more three-dimensional appearance.

  2. Light Source Adjustment: Users can now make adjustments in 100 steps, providing unparalleled control over brightness, especially for projectors equipped with JVC's BLU-Escent laser.

  3. USB Backup Function: Save and write all settings at once, offering users the convenience of backing up main unit settings to a USB flash drive.


The firmware update will be available as a free download for current owners of the following models:

  • DLA-NZ9/RS4100
  • DLA-NZ8/RS3100
  • DLA-NZ7/RS2100
  • DLA-NP5/DLA-RS1100 series


JVC's commitment to innovation shines through with this firmware update, setting a new standard for HDR picture quality in D-ILA projectors. Users can anticipate a more vibrant, dynamic range and a heightened three-dimensional viewing experience. The update is available for download Here.