Hisense Unveils 110UX TV Ahead of CES 2024: A 10,000-Nit Marvel?

Hisense Unveils 110UX TV Ahead of CES 2024: A 10,000-Nit Marvel?

By CE Critic - Buy Better Tech


Hisense 110UX: A Sneak Peek into the Future of TV Technology

Hisense teases its upcoming 110UX TV, set to debut officially at CES 2024. This 110-inch giant claims to redefine the TV landscape by delivering an unparalleled 10,000 nits of peak brightness, setting a new standard in consumer displays. As tech enthusiasts, we can't wait to witness this marvel at CES 2024 and delve into the immersive experience it promises.

ULED X Technology: A Glimpse into the Future

The 110UX is built on Hisense's ULED X technology platform, an evolution from the previously introduced Hisense UX. This platform incorporates over 40,000 backlight zones across its mammoth 110-inch screen, promising minimal backlight leakage and a remarkable elevation in contrast. The proprietary 24V high-output mini-LEDs power the backlight, contributing to the TV's extraordinary 10,000-nit maximum brightness.

Unmatched Brightness and Color Volume

To put things into perspective, typical high-end TVs hover around 2,000 nits peak brightness, and even Hisense's own UX holds the current record at 4,000 nits. The 110UX takes a giant leap, boasting a brightness four times that of its predecessor and double the brightness of the current record holder. The TV is not just about brightness; Hisense claims it achieves a color volume of 95% of the BT.2020 palette, surpassing competitors like the LG G3 OLED TV, which only hits about 75%.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Viewing Experience

Hisense emphasizes the 110UX's ultra-low anti-glare films and internal panel structure, achieving a claimed 1.28% reflectance rate. This reduction in reflectance minimizes disruptions from ambient lighting, ensuring a more immersive viewing experience. The TV also incorporates Hisense's STW2.0 wide-angle film technology, designed to minimize backlight leakage, halos, and color shift issues, promising a consistent viewing experience from all angles.

What's Missing: Native Resolution

Curiously, Hisense omits mentioning the 110UX's native resolution in its press release. However, given the absence of new 8K TV announcements in 2023, and considering the industry trend, it's reasonable to assume it's a 4K TV.

Excitement Builds for CES 2024

While we're thrilled with the sneak peek, we can't help but anticipate the official debut at CES 2024. The prospect of exploring Hisense's 110UX TV, touted as the brightest in the market, has us on the edge of our seats. Stay tuned for updates, including pricing and availability, as we eagerly await what the CE Critic score will be for this groundbreaking TV. Hisense is undoubtedly shaping the future of TV technology with the 110UX, and CES 2024 promises to be an exciting showcase of this technological marvel.