Get Ready for the Xbox Series X and Game Pass Price Surge?

Get Ready for the Xbox Series X and Game Pass Price Surge?

Hold onto your controllers, gamers, because Microsoft is about to increase its pricing! In a bold move that's shaking up the gaming world, the tech giant has announced plans to increase the prices of its highly coveted Xbox Series X in several countries, leaving fans in awe. Starting from August 1st, brace yourselves as the Xbox Series X will be sporting a flashy £479.99 in the UK, a chic €549.99 across most European markets, a suave CAD $649.99 in Canada, and an extravagant AUD $799.99 in Australia.

But that's not all! Buckle up as Microsoft revamps its subscription pricing for Game Pass as well. The monthly prices of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions will be increased for the first time in history, beginning next month. The base Game Pass subscription for console will receive an increase to $10.99 per month from its previous $9.99.

When asked about these exciting changes, Kari Perez, the head of communications for Xbox, expressed, "We've held on to our prices for consoles for many years and have adjusted them to reflect the competitive conditions in each market." 

Xbox enthusiasts, take note of the date July 6th, because that's when the game-changing alterations to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass for Console pricing will take effect. Prepare to indulge your senses as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ascends from $14.99 per month to an exquisite $16.99 (€14.99 / £12.99). And for those seeking pure console luxury, the base Xbox Game Pass for Console will elevate from $9.99 a month to a sophisticated $10.99 (€10.99 / £8.99). Don't fret PC gamers, as the pricing for PC Game Pass will remain unaltered, keeping your digital adventures both affordable and stylish.

Existing Game Pass monthly subscribers can breathe a sigh of relief, as the new recurring prices won't come into play until August 13th, or September 13th in Germany. However, for new Xbox Game Pass members the new pricing will begin on July 6th. And if you're one of those savvy gamers with an annual code, you can enjoy the current pricing until it's time to renew your subscription.

It's important to note that Microsoft's price adjustments are not related to its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a point emphasized by Kari Perez. "These Game Pass price adjustments are not related to the Activision Blizzard deal and are intended to match local market conditions," she clarified, dispelling any rumors of connection.

Microsoft's pricing adjustments align with a trend that has swept the entertainment subscription world in recent years. Just like fashion houses and luxury brands, streaming giants Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu have all raised their prices, reflecting the growing demand for premium content. Even the tunes in your playlist have received a touch of luxury, with Apple Music and Spotify increasing their prices in various markets.

While gamers may be disappointed by the price increases, it is essential to recognize that the gaming industry is constantly evolving. As technology advances and new gaming experiences emerge, it is not uncommon for prices to adjust accordingly. Other gaming subscription services, such as Nintendo Switch Online and Sony's PlayStation Plus, have also made changes to their offerings in recent years.

Ultimately, the impact of these price adjustments will vary among gamers, and it remains to be seen how the market will respond. Nonetheless, Microsoft's focus on providing high-quality gaming experiences and adapting to the changing landscape is a testament to its commitment to the gaming community. As the industry continues to evolve, gamers can expect further innovations and enhancements to enrich their gaming experiences in the future.