Sony Unveils 2024 TV Lineup: Mini LED Dominates, OLED Stays Strong

Sony Unveils 2024 TV Lineup: Mini LED Dominates, OLED Stays Strong

By: CE Critic - Buy Better Tech


Sony has taken the wraps off its 2024 TV lineup, and as expected, Mini LED technology takes center stage. The company is doubling down on its commitment to this advanced backlighting solution, promising significant improvements in brightness, contrast, and overall picture quality. However, Sony isn't abandoning OLED entirely, with both new and previous generations of OLED TVs remaining in the mix.

Key Highlights:

  • Simplified Naming Scheme: Sony is streamlining its TV nomenclature with a new Bravia-centric branding strategy. Models are now designated with numbers (Bravia 9, Bravia 8, etc.), making it easier to understand their place within the lineup.
  • Mini LED Dominance: The flagship Bravia 9 is a Mini LED powerhouse, boasting the highest brightness ever seen in a Sony TV, thanks to an advanced backlighting system with a substantial increase in dimming zones.
  • Bravia 8: OLED Refinement: The Bravia 8 is Sony's new mid-range OLED, offering subtle refinements over its predecessor and maintaining Sony's excellent image processing.
  • Bravia 7: Affordable Mini LED: The Bravia 7 brings Mini LED technology to a more accessible price point, aiming to provide high-end picture quality for less.
  • Bravia 3: Entry-Level Option: The Bravia 3 is a basic LED TV for budget-conscious buyers who prioritize simplicity and affordability.

New Tech and Features

  • XR Backlight Master Drive: This enhanced algorithm drives the Mini LED backlights in the Bravia 9 and Bravia 7, promising more precise control over brightness and dimming zones for superior contrast and reduced blooming artifacts.
  • Autocalibration Modes: Select models (Bravia 9, 8, 7) feature autocalibration modes using the TV's built-in sensors. In conjunction with supported streaming apps like Netflix and Prime Video, these modes automatically fine-tune the picture settings for optimal accuracy.
  • Google TV: All new Sony TVs continue to utilize the Google TV smart platform, offering a user-friendly interface and extensive app support.

Pricing and Availability:

Starting prices for the 2024 Sony Bravia TV lineup are as follows:

  • Bravia 9 Mini LED:
    • 65-inch: $3,299
    • 75-inch: $3,999
    • 85-inch: $5,499

  • Bravia 8 OLED:
    • 55-inch: $1,999
    • 65-inch: $2,799
    • 75-inch: $3,899

  • Bravia 7 Mini LED:
    • 55-inch: $1,899
    • 65-inch: $2,299
    • 75-inch: $2,799
    • 85-inch: $3,499

  • Bravia 3 LED:
    • 43-inch: $599
    • 50-inch: $699
    • 55-inch: $849
    • 65-inch: $999
    • 75-inch: $1,299
    • 85-inch: $1,799

Availability is expected to roll out in spring and early summer of 2024.

Comparison with Samsung and LG

Sony's renewed focus on Mini LED technology puts it in direct competition with Samsung's QLED lineup and LG's QNED offerings. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Brightness: Sony is claiming the Bravia 9 will be its brightest TV yet, likely aiming to match or surpass the peak brightness levels of Samsung's flagship QLED models.
  • Contrast: Increased dimming zones in the Bravia 9 and Bravia 7 should improve black levels and reduce blooming, a common issue with Mini LED TVs. This could give Sony an edge over some lower-tier QLEDs.
  • OLED Competition: Sony's sticking with conventional OLED panels for the Bravia 8, while Samsung and LG have pushed forward with brighter QD-OLED technology. Sony's OLEDs likely sacrifice peak brightness for superior pixel-level contrast.


Sony's 2024 TV lineup shows a clear commitment to advancing Mini LED technology while maintaining a strong OLED presence. The new models promise significant picture quality improvements, refined features, and a simpler naming scheme to make choosing the right Sony TV easier than ever. We can't wait to see the reviews and CE Critic Scores.