Schiit Audio Unveils Magni Unity

Schiit Audio Unveils Magni Unity

By CE Critic - Buy Better Tech


Schiit Audio has once again raised the bar with the launch of the Magni Unity – an addition to the Magni lineup. Pioneering a modular design, Magni Unity introduces an optional internal Unison USB™ DAC card, offering users the flexibility to customize their audio setup at an unparalleled value. Available now on schiit.com, the Magni Unity stands as a testament to Schiit's commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio engineering.

Revolutionizing Magni: The Modular Advantage

Jason Stoddard, Co-Founder and head of analog design at Schiit, expressed the magnitude of this release, stating, "This is a complete rethinking of Magni." For the first time, Magni embraces modularity, allowing users to opt for an internal Unison USB DAC, comparable to the standalone Modi+, all within a single-box desktop system at a cost that defies conventional expectations.

The Magni Unity introduces an all-new, super-linear, high-precision discrete analog amplification stage, elevating performance without resorting to increased negative feedback. Jason Stoddard elaborates, "It’s a better amp stage, period. It’s inherently super linear, so we don’t need a ton of feedback. We’re getting close to op-amps using 130dB of feedback with only 30dB." According to Schiit, their internal and external blind listening panels consistently favor low-feedback and current-feedback designs, such as the Magni Unity, over op-amp and voltage feedback topologies, promising an auditory experience that resonates with audiophiles.

Future-Proof Design and Unparalleled Sound Quality

Beyond its immediate audio prowess, Magni Unity's modular architecture provides a shield against obsolescence. The optional DAC card can be added or upgraded at a later date, ensuring that users can keep pace with evolving audio technologies. The DAC card itself boasts an ES9018 DAC, top-of-class TI OPA1656 for I/V conversion, precision 0.5% resistors, and film capacitors – a testament to Schiit's unwavering commitment to sound quality.

Magni Unity stands out with impressive specifications, offering the highest rated power of any Magni (2.5W RMS, both channels driven), exceptional measurements (-116dB THD+N typical), three gain levels (including negative gain for IEMs), and a 100% linear power supply. To top it off, Schiit is extending the warranty to 3 years, setting a new standard for customer confidence in affordable audio products.

Elegance Meets Affordability: The Brushed Aluminum Finish

In a nod to sophistication, Magni Unity introduces the return of a brushed aluminum finish to Schiit's entry-level products. This elegant aesthetic comes at a minimal price premium, offering users an elevated visual experience without compromising affordability.

Optimistic Anticipation for the CE Critic Score

As Magni Unity takes its place in the audio landscape, the industry eagerly awaits the verdict from CE Critic. Schiit's bold claims about the superiority of Magni Unity in blind listening tests set the stage for an optimistic outlook on the CE Critic score. The modular design, exceptional sound quality, and future-proof features position Magni Unity as a strong contender for acclaim. Audiophiles, brace yourselves for a revolution in modular audio with the Magni Unity, where innovation meets optimism in the pursuit of sonic excellence.