Trinnov Altitude Power-Packed Upgrade: Introducing Firmware 4.3.2 and HDMI 2.1 Integration

Trinnov Altitude Power-Packed Upgrade: Introducing Firmware 4.3.2 and HDMI 2.1 Integration

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Trinnov Audio, the renowned high-end audio specialist, is wrapping up the year with a generous gift for Altitude owners – the release of a feature-rich firmware update, version 4.3.2. This complimentary update brings a suite of enhancements, bug fixes, and introduces compatibility with Trinnov's new HDMI 2.1 board, promising an elevated audio-visual experience for Altitude16 and Altitude32 processor users, regardless of vintage.

Unlocking Valuable Insights

The 4.3.2 firmware significantly enriches the onscreen display (OSD) of Altitude processors. Now, users can glean essential details such as the current listening format, codec information, and the chosen audio upmixer. The OSD also includes insights into preset and source selections, as well as video resolution and color settings.

Revamped Subwoofer Time Alignment

 Trinnov has fine-tuned the subwoofer time alignment in this update. Owners are advised to optimize their bass management delay by adjusting at least one bass management setting, leveraging the updated algorithm. The company boasts a nearly 40% reduction in the time required for Optimizer function computations, further streamlined by a new "no graph" option, ensuring a swifter calibration process.

Graphical Precision and Acoustic Control

Post-update, users can now analyze results with enhanced precision, thanks to the addition of 1/96th octave smoothing in graph display options. This empowers professional calibrators and audio enthusiasts to set up Altitude-based systems with refined acoustic filters, making the calibration process more efficient and informative.

Future-Ready HDMI 2.1 Integration

 A notable highlight of the 4.3.2 firmware is its seamless integration with Trinnov's new HDMI 2.1 board (VMX-H8K-8201). Developed in collaboration with CYP, this board offers eight HDMI 2.1 compatible inputs and two outputs, supporting up to 40 gigabits per second for both audio and video passthrough. Future updates will introduce a cable tester mode, further enhancing the board's capabilities.

Installation Precautions

 Prior to diving into the firmware update, Trinnov advises users to meticulously review the release notes to safeguard existing settings and calibrations. This ensures a smooth installation process without inadvertently overriding crucial configurations.

With this feature-packed firmware release, Trinnov Altitude users can anticipate an enriched audio-visual journey, embracing the latest advancements in HDMI technology and refining their system's performance with enhanced calibration tools. As a bonus, the future inclusion of a cable tester mode promises even more versatility from the HDMI 2.1 board.

Read the full release notes here.

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