Introducing the Anthra Subwoofer Series: Music to Your Ears with Monitor Audio's Latest Tech

Introducing the Anthra Subwoofer Series: Music to Your Ears with Monitor Audio's Latest Tech

Get ready to take your home cinema experience to new depths with Monitor Audio's latest technological marvels—the Anthra Subwoofer Series. This trio of high-performance powered subwoofers is about to revolutionize the way you enjoy movies and music.

Deep Bass, Musicality, and Control

The Anthra Subwoofer Series is a long-awaited addition to the Monitor Audio portfolio, and it doesn't disappoint. These subwoofers have been meticulously engineered to deliver unrivaled musicality and control, thanks to the expert application of sound acoustic knowledge and solid design principles. Say goodbye to muddy bass and hello to devastatingly deep bass that you can feel with every beat.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Monitor Audio has left no stone unturned when it comes to achieving acoustic perfection. The Anthra Subwoofer Series boasts some cutting-edge technologies that set it apart from the competition.

  • C-CAM Cones: The strong yet lightweight C-CAM cones ensure greater fidelity and a lifelike sound presentation, making your music and movie experiences feel more realistic than ever.

  • RST II: Applying Rigid Surface Technology II to the subwoofer cone increases rigidity, allowing the radiating surfaces to resist mechanical bending forces and eliminate sound distortion.

  • Class-D Amplifiers: Behind the RST II C-CAM driver lies a formidable Class-D amplifier capable of jaw-dropping power, delivering an accurate and clean dynamic range with a musical performance that will leave you speechless.

  • Cabinet Strength: Anthra subwoofers feature an incredibly thick MDF cabinet with carefully configured bracing, ensuring extreme strength and stability for a refined listening experience.

User-Friendly and Flexible

Monitor Audio understands that technology should make your life easier, not more complicated. That's why the Anthra Subwoofer Series comes with a plethora of user-friendly features and flexibility to integrate seamlessly into your system:

  • Connectivity: With multiple connectivity options, including RCA with LFE and XLR inputs, you can daisy chain up to four Anthra subwoofers for a customizable setup.

  • MaestroUnite App: Take control of your Anthra subwoofer's settings with the MaestroUnite setup app, allowing you to tailor your bass experience to your individual tastes and system requirements effortlessly.

The Range

The Anthra Subwoofer Series offers three standalone subs to suit your space and preferences:

  • Anthra W15: The largest subwoofer in the series with a 15” RST II C-CAM driver and a mighty 1,400 Watt Class-D amplifier, delivering an immersive bass experience like no other.

  • Anthra W12: With a 12” driver and a 900 Watt Class-D amplifier, the Anthra W12 offers a balanced blend of power and performance.

  • Anthra W10: The smallest in the series, but by no means weak, the Anthra W10 features a 10” driver and a 425 Watt Class-D amplifier.

A Transparent Design Philosophy

Monitor Audio's design philosophy revolves around the perfect harmony between design and technology. With the Anthra Subwoofer Series, you get the best of both worlds—a stunningly beautiful product that blends effortlessly into your environment while delivering exceptional performance.

Pricing and Availability

The Anthra Subwoofer Series will be available for purchase in August 2023. Prices start at £1,650 for the Anthra W10, £1,900 for the Anthra W12, and £2,500 for the flagship Anthra W15.

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