Roku Pro Series TVs Unveiled: Mini-LED, Roku OS 13, & Premium Picture Quality

Roku Pro Series TVs Unveiled: Mini-LED, Roku OS 13, & Premium Picture Quality

By: CE Critic - Buy Better Tech

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Roku Pro Series: Features and Tech Specs
    • Picture Quality
    • Design and Audio
    • Smart Features and Software
    • Voice Remote Pro
  • Roku Backdrops and Other OS 13 Updates
  • Competition: Roku vs. Amazon, TCL, and Hisense
  • Pricing and Availability
  • Conclusion


Roku, known for its popular streaming devices, has made a serious entry into the smart TV market with its new Pro Series lineup. These premium TVs boast advanced features like mini-LED backlighting, QLED panels, Dolby Vision, and Roku's renowned streaming platform.

Interestingly, Roku's operating system (Roku OS) powers many smart TVs from other brands like TCL, Hisense, and even Amazon. This move to release its own branded TVs suggests Roku is aiming for increased control over the user experience and a larger share of the highly competitive TV market.

Roku Pro Series: Features and Tech Specs

The Roku Pro Series TVs promise to deliver Roku's best picture quality yet. Let's dive into the details:

  • Picture Quality:

    • Mini-LED backlighting: Thousands of mini-LEDs provide precise control over brightness and contrast, leading to deeper blacks, brighter highlights, and a more dynamic image.
    • QLED panel: Quantum dot technology allows for a wider color gamut, resulting in more vibrant and lifelike colors.
    • HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ: These High Dynamic Range technologies optimize picture quality on a scene-by-scene basis, making the most of compatible content.
    • 120Hz refresh rate: The fast refresh rate ensures smooth motion in fast-paced scenes, ideal for sports and gaming.
  • Design and Audio:

    • Sleek Design: With a thin profile and shadowbox frame, the Pro Series TVs make an elegant addition to your home.
    • Roku Soundstage Audio: Side-firing Dolby Atmos speakers create a wider soundstage for immersive audio.
    • Wireless Sound Expansion: Easily connect Roku's wireless soundbars, speakers, and subwoofer for enhanced surround sound.
  • Smart Features and Software

    • Roku Smart Picture Max: AI-powered software that automatically optimizes picture settings based on content type (sports, movies, etc.) and room lighting.
    • Roku OS 13: The latest version of Roku's user-friendly smart TV platform offers new features like Backdrops (customizable screensavers) and enhanced search capabilities. See the next section for more on Roku OS 13.
  • Voice Remote Pro

    • Backlit Buttons: Motion-activated backlighting for easy use in the dark.
    • USB-C Rechargeable: Stay powered for longer with an internal rechargeable battery.
    • Remote Finder: Say "Hey Roku, where's my remote?" or use the button on the TV to play a sound on the remote, making it easy to find.

Roku Backdrops and Other OS 13 Updates

Roku OS 13 brings some exciting new features to Roku devices, including the Pro Series TVs:

  • Backdrops: Transform your idle TV into a work of art with customizable artwork, personal photos, and more.
  • IMDB Integration: See IMDB ratings and trailers for movies and shows directly on the Roku interface.
  • Enhanced Search and Discovery Find what to watch more easily with new content categories and improved search functionality.

Competition: Roku vs. Amazon, TCL, and Hisense

Roku Pro Series enters a fiercely competitive market segment. Let's see how it compares to offerings from other popular brands:

  • Amazon Fire TV: Amazon offers smart TVs with its Fire TV platform, known for its seamless integration with Alexa and Amazon content.
  • TCL: TCL is highly regarded for its excellent value TVs with QLED and mini-LED options, often offering similar picture quality features at slightly lower prices.
  • Hisense: Hisense has gained popularity for its affordable TVs with solid picture quality and features like Dolby Vision.

Pricing and Availability

The Roku Pro Series TVs are available in three sizes:

You can find them at popular retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart.


The Roku Pro Series TVs offer an attractive package of advanced picture quality, Roku's acclaimed user experience, and innovative software features. If you're looking for a premium TV built for streaming, Roku's new offerings are definitely worth considering alongside options from TCL, Hisense, and others. We look forward to the reviews and the CE Critic Score.