Will Walmart Buy Vizio? Potential $2B Deal Shakes Up Smart TV Industry

Will Walmart Buy Vizio? Potential $2B Deal Shakes Up Smart TV Industry

By CE Critic - Buy Better Tech

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Walmart's Interest in Vizio
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Additional Insights
  • Conclusion


Walmart is reportedly in talks to acquire Vizio, a major television manufacturer, for a price exceeding $2 billion. This acquisition could significantly impact the smart TV market and Walmart's advertising strategy.

Walmart's Interest in Vizio

Walmart's existing private-label Onn smart TVs haven't made a major dent in the market. Acquiring a well-established brand like Vizio, with its accompanying user base and smart TV platform, would strengthen Walmart's position against competitors like Roku and Amazon's Fire TV. Vizio's platform generates valuable customer data and revenue through targeted advertising and subscription revenue shares.

Competitive Landscape

In recent years, Roku and Amazon have made significant strides in the smart TV market. Roku has expanded beyond software licensing to release its own TVs, while Amazon continues to develop its Fire TV line. Walmart's Vizio acquisition could enable them to directly compete with these leading brands.

Advertising Opportunities

The Vizio acquisition presents opportunities for Walmart to expand its advertising reach. Walmart Connect, the company's advertising platform, would gain access to Vizio's smart TV user base. This opens the door to personalized ads and shoppable content on TVs, as well as potential in-store marketing leveraging Vizio displays.

Additional Insights

  • Walmart's ad business, Walmart Connect, is a rapidly growing, high-margin revenue stream within the company.
  • Retail Media Networks (RMNs) are experiencing growth due to the increased data privacy restrictions from companies like Apple and Google.
  • Vizio's active user base of approximately 18 million is attractive to Walmart.
  • Market analysts see Walmart's potential takeover of Vizio as a negative for Roku due to existing partnerships between the two companies.


The potential acquisition of Vizio highlights Walmart's strategy to compete aggressively in the smart TV market and maximize its advertising opportunities. This move would bring substantial changes to the industry, as Walmart's retail power and Vizio's established presence combine. Further developments in this acquisition story will reveal the eventual outcome and its far-reaching effects.