Rotel's Latest Home Theatre Amplifiers: Power and Precision

Rotel's Latest Home Theatre Amplifiers: Power and Precision

Rotel has unveiled two new home cinema amplifiers, the RMB-1587MKII and RMB-1585MKII. These amplifiers pack a punch with their impressive power output and thoughtful design, making them a noteworthy addition to any home cinema setup.

Impressive Power Output

The RMB-1587MKII offers a total of seven channels, each capable of delivering 155 watts at 8 ohms. If you need even more power, the RMB-1585MKII features five channels, each pumping out a substantial 210 watts at 8 ohms. These amplifiers don't compromise on power, ensuring a dynamic and immersive audio experience in your home theatre.

Sleek and Statement-Making Design

Measuring 24 x 43 x 46cm (HxWxD) without the optional rack mounting ears, these amplifiers are more than just audio equipment; they are a visual statement. Rotel's signature brushed metal finish and distinctive vents make these amplifiers a stylish addition to your home cinema room. You won't want to hide them away in a cabinet when they can be proudly displayed.

Advanced Amplifier Design

Rotel's engineering expertise shines through in both models. They feature a Class AB amplifier design centered around two oversized, in-house manufactured toroidal transformers that feed eight high-efficiency bulk storage capacitors totaling 120,000uF. To ensure optimal performance and temperature control, four thermostat-controlled, variable-speed ultra-low-noise fans are employed. This design not only delivers power but also maintains stability, even during demanding audio sessions.

Impressive Power at Your Fingertips

When it comes to power at different impedance levels, these amplifiers don't disappoint. At 4 ohms, the RMB-1587MKII delivers a staggering 250 watts per channel, while the RMB-1585MKII pushes it further with 340 watts per channel. In stereo mode, the RMB-1587MKII produces 335 watts per channel, and the RMB-1585MKII impresses with a whopping 440 watts per channel. These amplifiers ensure that your audio experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Versatile Connectivity

Around the rear of both models, you'll find a range of RCA and Balanced XLR inputs with automatic input switching. Additionally, there's a 12 V trigger input and output for simplified power control. Rotel has designed these amplifiers with convenience and flexibility in mind, making it easy to integrate them into your existing audio setup.

Unique Bi-Amp Mode

One standout feature of the RMB-1585MKII is its ability to be configured as a 3-Channel amplifier with support for a "Bi-Amp mode" for Channels 1+2 and 4+5 via a switch on the rear panel. When Bi-Amp is enabled, Channels 1+2 utilize source input #1, while Channels 4+5 use source input #5. This allows for individual, isolated amplification of the speakers' HF and LF drivers, ensuring precise signal routing and optimal audio quality.

Price and Availability

The RMB-1585MKII, with its five channels of robust power, is priced at £3,599/€4,199, while the RMB-1587MKII, offering seven channels of audio excellence, sells for £3,799/€4,399. Both models are available in sleek black or silver finishes, adding a touch of elegance to your home cinema setup. With Rotel's latest amplifiers, you can expect nothing but the best in power, precision, and design for your home theatre experience.