Product Announcement - ATC SCM20ASL Limited Edition Loudspeaker

Product Announcement - ATC SCM20ASL Limited Edition Loudspeaker

ATC (The Acoustic Transducer Company), a respected manufacturer of high-performance audio equipment, announces the release of the SCM20ASL Limited Edition loudspeaker. This exclusive model marks ATC's 50th anniversary and features meticulous design and premium components.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Design:
    • Compact, stand-mount format
    • Stunning high-gloss lacquer finish in signature ATC dark blue
    • Hand-upholstered front baffle in royal blue, full-grain Napa leather
    • Silver anodized exterior alloy components
  • Drivers:
    • ATC proprietary 150mm/6” ‘Super Linear’ Mid/Bass driver
    • ATC 25mm/1” ‘S-Spec’ dual-suspension tweeter
  • Amplification:
    • Integrated 2-way active system
    • Class A/B MOSFET power amplifiers
    • 200W continuous power to the bass driver
    • 50W continuous power to the HF driver
  • Crossover:
    • Active, analogue 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley
    • All-pass filter for optimized phase response
  • Cabinet:
    • 20-liter sealed design
  • Connectivity and Controls:
    • Balanced XLR input
    • User controls for input sensitivity and LF shelf cut/boost
    • Removable grille with acoustically transparent cloth

Technical Benefits of Active Design

  • Superior Driver Control: Separate dedicated amplifiers for each driver ensure optimal performance and reduce distortion.
  • Precision Crossovers: Active crossovers provide far greater precision in frequency division and phase alignment compared to passive designs.
  • System Optimization: Active design allows fine-tuning of the system for maximum fidelity and integration with the listening environment.

Subwoofer Pairing

ATC offers a limited run of 20 C4 Sub Mk2 Limited Edition subwoofers as the ideal complement to the SCM20ASL. These subwoofers feature:

  • 12" active driver
  • Matching high-gloss blue cabinet
  • Leather upholstered baffle
  • Silver anodized amp hardware

Pricing & Availability

  • SCM20ASL Limited Edition: $13,999 per pair (Limited to 150 pairs)
  • C4 Sub Mk2 Limited Edition: $9,999 each (Limited to 20 units)
  • Available for order now, shipping begins mid-April.

Understanding Active Loudspeaker Design

It's important to distinguish true active loudspeakers from powered or wireless speakers. Active speakers incorporate multiple amplifiers, one for each driver unit, along with active crossovers. This design offers significant performance advantages over speakers utilizing single amplifiers and passive crossovers.

ATC's Reputation

ATC enjoys high regard in professional and high-end audio circles for their loudspeakers' exceptional linearity, dynamic capabilities, and overall sonic excellence. We look forward to the reviews and CE Critic Scores.