Bowers & Wilkins Music App Gets a Boost with Pandora and TIDAL HiFi Plus

Bowers & Wilkins Music App Gets a Boost with Pandora and TIDAL HiFi Plus

By CE Critic - Buy Better Tech

The Bowers & Wilkins Music app just got a serious upgrade, adding two popular streaming services to its growing library: Pandora (including podcasts) and TIDAL HiFi Plus.

What's New:

  • Pandora: US users can now stream music and podcasts directly through the Bowers & Wilkins Music app.
  • TIDAL HiFi Plus: Audiophiles get access to thousands of tracks in pristine 24-bit high-resolution FLAC quality.

More Music than Ever:

This latest update builds on the impressive roster of services already available on the Music app, including:

  • Dash Radio: Thousands of curated live radio stations.
  • Last.fm: Personalized music recommendations based on your listening history.
  • Qobuz: High-resolution audio streaming with FLAC and CD-quality options.
  • TIDAL: A vast library of music and music videos, now including the HiFi Plus tier.
  • TuneIn: Live radio from around the world.
  • NTS Radio: Cutting-edge electronic music programming.
  • SoundCloud: Discover independent artists and upload your own tunes.
  • Podcasts: Stay up-to-date on your favorite shows.
  • Sony Hi-Res: Access high-resolution audio files from Sony Music Entertainment.

One App to Rule Them All:

The Music app isn't just about streaming; it's also the control center for your Bowers & Wilkins wireless ecosystem. You can use it to:

  • Set up and manage: All Formation wireless speakers, the Panorama 3 soundbar, and the Zeppelin speaker.
  • Control playback: Play, pause, skip tracks, adjust volume, and more.
  • Create multiroom systems: Stream music wirelessly to multiple Bowers & Wilkins speakers throughout your home.
  • Manage your headphones: Control app-enabled Bowers & Wilkins headphones and earbuds like the PX, Px7 S2e, and Px8 models.

Convenience and Control:

With the Bowers & Wilkins Music app, you get everything you need in one place: a vast selection of music services, seamless control of your Bowers & Wilkins gear, and a personalized listening experience. It's the ultimate way to enjoy your music, podcasts, and radio on your favorite Bowers & Wilkins devices.

Note: Apple Music and Spotify are not directly integrated with the Music app but can be streamed through AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect (on supported Bowers & Wilkins devices) and Bluetooth (on Bowers & Wilkins headphones).

The Future is Bright:

Bowers & Wilkins is committed to continuously improving the Music app and expanding its capabilities. So, stay tuned for even more features and integrations in the future!