Bose Recalls Over 1 Million Bass Modules: Are Your Speakers at Risk?

Bose Recalls Over 1 Million Bass Modules: Are Your Speakers at Risk?

When it comes to recalls, an announcement about products from the early 2000s might not usually make waves. However, this time, it's Bose in the spotlight. Known for their enduring quality, Bose gear tends to stick around for years. And we're talking about speakers here—those good old "dumb" speakers that can withstand the test of time. So, it's important to highlight that Bose is recalling over 1 million bass modules from their Acoustimass, Lifestyle, and Companion home theater systems, which were sold between 1994 and 2007.

Bass Modules and Where to Find Them: These sought-after bass modules were once available at major retailers, including Bose stores, Best Buy, Circuit City, Sam's Club, Sears, and other electronics stores across the nation. If you're feeling nostalgic, Circuit City is a blast from the past. And remember those Bose home-theater-in-a-box kits? They used to be quite the investment. The recall spans a wide range of bass modules from different systems. You can check the Consumer Product Safety Commission site for the complete list of affected products. But don't worry, Bose has your back with a handy page to help you identify if your hardware is at risk. If you own a module resembling the ones pictured above (in black or white), make sure to unplug it and find the product name and serial number to confirm if it falls under the recall.

 According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there have been 21 reports worldwide of bass modules igniting or melting. This includes three incidents resulting in property damage, such as burned carpeting, an entertainment cabinet, and surrounding materials. While property damage is certainly undesirable, the good news is that no injuries have been reported so far.

Bose's Recall History: This isn't the first time Bose has issued a voluntary recall related to bass modules. Back in 2012, they addressed a potential fire hazard associated with using these products with high-voltage outlets outside the United States. This time around, Bose is stepping up once again. According to the CPSC, the company is offering to repair affected modules, and on top of that, they're providing a tempting 40 percent discount on a replacement product. We've reached out to Bose for more details on which products in their modern home theater lineup qualify for this savings. 

If you're a proud owner of Bose speakers and happen to possess one of the bass modules in question, it's crucial to take action. Don't risk potential damage to your property or compromise the safety of your home theater setup. Visit the recall website or consult Bose's resources to determine if your module is at risk. Remember, Bose is here to help, offering repairs and an exciting discount on replacement products. So, join the recall movement and ensure your audio experience remains both trendy and safe.