LG Shocks LCD Market: VA Panels Arrive in 2024 QNED90 TVs

LG Shocks LCD Market: VA Panels Arrive in 2024 QNED90 TVs

By CE Critic - Buy Better Tech

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Tech Background: IPS vs. VA LCD Panels
  • The Shift: Why Did LG Embrace VA?
  • Hands-On: LG QNED90 Performance
  • Competitive Landscape and Implications
  • LG's Strategic Play
  • Conclusion


In a move that completely disrupts the LCD TV landscape, LG, long wedded to its IPS panels, has confirmed it's sourcing VA panels for its premium 2024 QNED90 TVs. This bombshell was first reported by John Archer of Forbes during his recent visit to LG's UK headquarters. The shift indicates LG's determination to finally compete head-to-head with VA-driven rivals in the black level and contrast game.

Tech Background: IPS vs. VA LCD Panels

To grasp the significance, we need to understand IPS and VA panels:

  • IPS (In-Plane Switching): Prioritizes wide viewing angles over deep blacks. Light bleed into dark areas is typical, causing a hazy, low-contrast picture in dark room settings.
  • VA (Vertical Alignment): Exhibits superior contrast and black levels, with less light leakage. However, their narrower viewing angles can lead to color and contrast loss when viewed off-center.

The Shift: Why Did LG Embrace VA?

LG hasn't explicitly revealed its reasons, but several factors are likely at play:

  • Market Pressure: Top VA-driven LCD TVs from Sony and Samsung have consistently outperformed LG's IPS models in contrast, a key metric for cinephiles.
  • LG Display's Evolution: Historically, synergy between LG Display (who makes the panels) and LG Electronics (who makes the TVs) has favored IPS. It's possible LG Display has refined their VA production capabilities.
  • Internal Demand: LG is aware of its LCD limitation, the unexpected demo hints at internal engineering efforts to address this.

Hands-On: LG QNED90 Performance

Archer's observations from the demo are telling:

  • Black Levels: Dark room performance astounded him. Minimal backlight blooming, true blacks rivaling even some VA rivals.
  • Brightness: No apparent dimming tricks were used to achieve those blacks, suggesting the QNED90 delivers remarkable peak brightness.
  • Color: LG's QNED (Quantum Dot + NanoCell) tech remains, meaning rich and nuanced colors, especially in brightly lit scenes.

Competitive Landscape and Implications

This is a HUGE deal. It means:

  • True LG LCD Option: Consumers serious about dark room performance will finally have a compelling LG LCD option.
  • Increased Competition: Samsung and Sony can no longer take their contrast advantage for granted. Innovation across the board could follow.

LG's Strategic Play

LG is shrewdly playing to its strengths:

  • OLED Focus: OLEDs remain LG's flagship. The VA QNED90s won't cannibalize those sales, rather serve as a strong alternative.
  • Niche Targeting: Only the 65" and 75" QNED90s get VA panels, these are the most popular sizes for home theater enthusiasts.


This is a seismic change for LG's LCD TV strategy, and the industry at large. While availability in different regions is still uncertain, one thing is clear: enthusiasts now have a real reason to keep LG's LCD line firmly on their radar for 2024.