Xbox Series X|S Update: Enhanced Wi-Fi Network Management

Xbox Series X|S Update: Enhanced Wi-Fi Network Management

By: CE Critic

Microsoft has introduced several key improvements to the Xbox Series X|S network functionality, including the long-awaited capacity to manage multiple Wi-Fi connections.

Key Feature Updates

  • Multiple Wi-Fi Network Memory: Xbox consoles will now remember up to 10 password-protected Wi-Fi networks. This eliminates the need to re-enter passwords when switching between frequently used networks.
  • Enhanced Search: Search functionality is extended to finding people directly from the Home screen or guide. Search for a Gamertag and access the new "People" tab.
  • Cloud Gaming Save Management: Manage game saves for titles played via Xbox Cloud Gaming on supported web browsers and Samsung TVs.

How to Configure Multiple Wi-Fi Networks

  1. Navigate to Settings: Access "Settings" > "General" > "Network settings" > "Manage wireless networks".
  2. Choose a Network: Select the network you wish to save.
  3. Disconnect or Set Up (Optional): If the network is in use, temporarily disconnect. If it's new, proceed with the standard setup.
  4. Select "Remember This Network": When reconnecting or finalizing setup, a new option will appear to "Remember this network" during password entry.
  5. Manage Networks: Under "Manage wireless networks" select "Manage remembered wireless networks." Here you can "Activate" or "Forget" saved connections.

Accessing the New Search Functionality

  1. Initiate Search: Use the search bar from the Home screen or guide.
  2. Enter Gamertag: Search for the desired Gamertag.
  3. Select the "People" Tab: A new "People" tab will appear in the search results; navigate to it.

Technical Considerations

  • Alpha Ring members initially received this update. Broader rollout depends on testing and feedback.
  • The network memory feature addresses a frequent user request, particularly for those who utilize their consoles across multiple locations.

Additional Notes

For more detailed instructions and release information, visit the official Xbox Support website.