Sony's 2023 TV Lineup Unveiled: Explore the A95L Bravia XR with QD-OLED Technology and Exciting Features

Sony's 2023 TV Lineup Unveiled: Explore the A95L Bravia XR with QD-OLED Technology and Exciting Features

Sony recently unveiled its 2023 TV lineup, which includes the flagship A95L Bravia XR TV featuring QD-OLED display technology. The A95L is available in three sizes, with the 55-inch model starting at $2,800, the 65-inch model at $3,500, and the largest 77-inch screen size at $5,000. Preorders for all three sizes will begin on August 21, 2023, though Sony has not provided a specific shipping date for customers.

As expected, Sony's prices for the A95L are higher compared to Samsung's S95C and S90C, the only other TVs currently based on Samsung Display's QD-OLED panel technology. For example, the 55-inch S95C is regularly priced at $2,500, providing a $300 saving over the A95L. However, Samsung is currently offering all S95C models at a discount, bringing the price down to $2,300 for the 55-inch model, resulting in a $500 price difference.

The A95L Bravia XR was showcased at CES 2023 and promises up to 200% better color brightness compared to conventional OLED displays, according to Sony. The TV runs on Google TV's smart TV operating system and supports voice commands via Google Assistant. Users can take advantage of the Multi-View feature to split the screen and watch content from two different sources simultaneously.

To cater to PlayStation 5 users, Sony has incorporated Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode for optimized picture quality during gaming and streaming. The TV also offers a new Game Menu that simplifies the management of gaming picture settings and assist features in a single interface.

Sony's Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology uses actuators behind the TV to vibrate and produce audio from the entire screen, improving the perception of dialogue. Additionally, there is an integrated subwoofer for enhanced sound. Users can pair the A95L with select Sony soundbars for Acoustic Center Sync, which synchronizes the center channel of both devices for even better dialogue enhancement.

Every A95L comes equipped with a Sony Bravia Cam, enabling Ambient Optimization Pro. This feature automatically optimizes the picture and sound based on the viewer's position in the room. Video chats are also supported through the Bravia Cam, and Sony has plans for additional uses in the future.