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ISE 2024: DALI Introduces PHANTOM E-WR Speaker Series: Redefining Custom Installation through Advanced Audio Engineering

ISE 2024: DALI Introduces PHANTOM E-WR Speaker Series: Redefining Custom Installation through Advanced Audio Engineering

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Key Features of the PHANTOM E-WR Series
  • Engineered Weather Resistance
  • Advanced Driver Technology
  • Optimised Acoustic Design
  • Superior Crossover Integration
  • Installation Flexibility
  • Enhanced Environmental Durability
  • Conclusion
  • Availability and Pricing


DALI, a leading manufacturer of high-fidelity loudspeakers, has announced the PHANTOM E-WR series at ISE 2024, a significant advancement in the Custom Installation (CI) market. The PHANTOM E-WR series, comprising the PHANTOM E-60 WR and PHANTOM E-80 WR models, showcases DALI's expertise in audio engineering and commitment to delivering excellent sound quality even in challenging environments.

Key Features of the PHANTOM E-WR Series

The PHANTOM E-WR series boasts several key features that make it ideal for CI applications:

  • Engineered Weather Resistance: The speakers are built to withstand extreme temperatures (-20°C to +60°C) and humidity levels (up to 100%), making them suitable for outdoor and indoor installations, including bathrooms, patios, and more. They also boast an IP65 rating, ensuring protection against dust, sand, and indirect water spray.
  • Advanced Driver Technology: The series utilizes DALI-designed drivers with waterproof polypropylene cones and natural rubber surrounds for minimal sound coloration, high rigidity, and efficient self-damping. This results in an uncolored midrange and deep, rich bass. Both models feature a 25mm textile dome tweeter for extended high-frequency response, housed in a decoupled unit to prevent interference from bass/midrange vibrations.
  • Optimised Acoustic Design: The drivers are tilted 5° within the ceiling mount chassis for precise sound dispersion towards the listening area. This design minimizes resonance and distortion, further refining sound quality.
  • Superior Crossover Integration: The passive crossover network, integrated at 3.3 kHz, ensures seamless blending of frequencies for a harmonious audio experience.
  • Installation Flexibility: The speakers feature swing-out dogleg clamps for easy installation without specialist tools. Additionally, midrange and high-frequency level adjustments provide extensive configuration options for various acoustic environments.
  • Enhanced Environmental Durability: The series incorporates several features for maximum environmental resilience, including a conformally coated crossover, stainless steel clamp screws, epoxy-coated grille magnets, and humidity-resistant level adjustment switches.


The PHANTOM E-WR series represents a significant advancement in CI speaker technology, combining weather resistance with high-fidelity audio performance. The meticulous engineering ensures the speakers meet the demands of both professional installers and audiophiles. We are looking forward to the reviews and the CE Critic Score. 

Availability and Pricing

The PHANTOM E-60 WR and PHANTOM E-80 WR will be available from March, priced at €299/£299/$450 and €399/£399/$550 respectively.