LG 2024 OLED TV Lineup Announced: What we know so far...M4, G4, C4, B4

LG 2024 OLED TV Lineup Announced: What we know so far...M4, G4, C4, B4

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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Welcome to OLED Heaven
  • The Flagship: LG M4 - Wireless Wonder
  • The G4: G3's Successor With More Brightness and Stand (Finally!)
  • The Mid-Range: LG C4 - Improved Brightness and Gaming
  • The Entry-Level: LG B4 - More Ports, Smaller Size, Less Brightness
  • Wrapping Up: Which LG OLED is Right for You?

Introduction: Welcome to OLED Heaven

LG has unveiled its 2024 OLED TV lineup, featuring iterative improvements, exciting new features, and a continued focus on picture quality and gaming. While not a revolutionary leap like the G3 series in 2023, there's plenty to get excited about for serious AV fans. Let's dive into the details.


The Flagship: LG M4

The M4 takes center stage as the flagship model, boasting:

  • Zero Connect Box: Eliminates all cables to the TV, sending picture and audio wirelessly.
  • Alpha 11 AI Processor: Powers incredible picture and sound, including wireless Dolby Atmos with compatible soundbars.
  • Brightness Booster Max: Delivers up to 150% higher brightness in small HDR highlight areas compared to the B series.
  • 4-Screen Multiview: Divide the screen into four different sources.
  • Available Sizes: 65", 77", 83", and 97" (no Brightness Booster Max on the 97-inch model).


The G4: G3's Successor With More Brightness and Stand (Finally!)

The G4 builds upon the G3's success with:

  • Alpha 11 AI Processor: Same picture and sound enhancements as the M4.
  • Brightness Booster Max (except 97-inch): Brighter images than the G3, similar to the M4.
  • Micro Lens Array (MLA) 95% coverage: Enhanced brightness on the larger 83-inch model (new for G4).
  • Stand Included (in some regions): No more optional stand woes.
  • Available Sizes: 55", 65", 77", 83", and 97" (no Brightness Booster Max or MLA on the 97-inch model).


The Mid-Range: LG C4 - Improved Brightness and Gaming

The C4 offers a balance of features and affordability:

  • Alpha 9 AI Processor: Improved brightness compared to the C3, including on smaller 42" and 48" models.
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate: Smooth gaming experience.
  • Wireless Audio Transmission: Like the M4 and G4, connects wirelessly to compatible LG soundbars.
  • Available Sizes: 42", 48", 55", 65", 77", and 83".


The Entry-Level: LG B4 - More Ports, Smaller Size, Less Brightness

The B4 caters to budget-conscious viewers:

  • Alpha 8 AI Processor: Delivers performance comparable to the Alpha 9 in the 2023 C3.
  • Four HDMI 2.1 Ports: Finally ditching the two-port limitation of the B3.
  • New 48-inch Size: Affordable OLED gaming at its finest.
  • Available Sizes: 48", 55", 65", and 77".


Wrapping Up: Which LG OLED is Right for You?

The 2024 LG OLED lineup offers something for everyone. Here's a quick guide:

  • M4: Ultimate performance, wireless connectivity, best for those who want the absolute best.
  • G4: Similar picture quality to M4, stand included (in some regions), ideal for those who appreciate brightness and value.
  • C4: Great balance of features and price, good choice for gamers and viewers seeking improved brightness.
  • B4: Budget-friendly entry into the OLED world, ideal for smaller spaces and less demanding viewers.

We have yet to see official pricing and release dates, but one thing's for sure: LG's 2024 OLED TVs are a compelling mix of innovation, refinement, and accessibility. Get ready to experience OLED in a whole new way!