Savant Elevates Home Cinema with Kaleidescape Integration

Savant Elevates Home Cinema with Kaleidescape Integration

By: CE Critic

Savant Systems, a leader in smart home technology, has announced a partnership with Kaleidescape, a provider of high-quality digital movie platforms. This collaboration aims to redefine the home cinema experience by seamlessly integrating Kaleidescape's movie platform, including its Strato C movie players and Terra Prime movie servers, into Savant's comprehensive smart home ecosystem. This integration not only expands the capabilities of both companies' products but also offers integrators and consumers an unparalleled level of convenience, control, and cinematic immersion.

The Kaleidescape Advantage

Kaleidescape has distinguished itself in the digital movie market by offering an extensive collection of movies with uncompromised audio and video quality. Their platform boasts thousands of 4K and HD titles, spanning movies, TV series, and concerts, all available for purchase and download through the Kaleidescape movie store. The company's Terra Prime movie servers are designed to store these high-bitrate 4K movies locally, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted playback on one or more Strato C movie players throughout the home.

A Seamless Integration

The true innovation of this partnership lies in the seamless integration of Kaleidescape's movie platform into Savant's smart home ecosystem. Through the Savant app and the Savant X2 Pro Remote, users can now effortlessly navigate Kaleidescape's onscreen display, select their desired content, and even initiate playback with a single button press. This level of integration extends to Savant Scenes, allowing users to create personalized movie night experiences that encompass lighting, climate control, and other smart home features.

The Integrator's Perspective

For integrators, this partnership presents a unique opportunity to deliver exceptional home cinema solutions to their clients. George Katsiris, VP of the Recommended Partners Program at Savant, emphasizes the value that Kaleidescape brings to Savant's ecosystem, stating, "Kaleidescape's movie platform delivers an unparalleled home theater experience that is a valuable resource and opportunity for Savant integrators." He further explains that the integration of Kaleidescape reinforces Savant's commitment to providing dealers with access to a curated selection of top-tier home theater brands, including JBL Synthesis, Sony Projectors, and Megapixel. By incorporating these recommended products into Savant's existing video tiling, user experience, and lighting solutions, integrators can elevate the home cinema experience to new heights.

A Comprehensive Entertainment Solution

The partnership between Savant and Kaleidescape goes beyond simply adding another product to the Savant Store. It represents a comprehensive approach to home entertainment that combines the best of both worlds: Savant's expertise in smart home automation and Kaleidescape's dedication to high-quality cinematic experiences. By leveraging this integration, users can transform their living spaces into sophisticated home theaters that offer not only stunning visuals and audio but also the convenience and comfort of a fully integrated smart home.

The Future of Home Cinema

The collaboration between Savant and Kaleidescape is a testament to the ongoing evolution of home cinema technology. As consumers increasingly seek immersive entertainment experiences within the comfort of their homes, the demand for integrated solutions that combine high-quality content with intuitive control and automation continues to grow. This partnership addresses that demand head-on, setting a new standard for what is possible in the realm of home theater.

In conclusion, the integration of Kaleidescape's movie platform into Savant's smart home ecosystem represents a significant leap forward in the home cinema industry. By combining the strengths of both companies, this partnership offers integrators and consumers alike a unique opportunity to create truly exceptional home theater experiences that seamlessly blend technology, convenience, and cinematic immersion. As the demand for high-quality home entertainment continues to rise, this collaboration is poised to shape the future of home cinema for years to come.