Sonus faber Lumina II Amator and Lumina V Amator: Elevating Audio Excellence

Sonus faber Lumina II Amator and Lumina V Amator: Elevating Audio Excellence

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Sonus faber, the renowned Italian audio company, expands its Lumina loudspeaker collection with the introduction of the Lumina II Amator bookshelf and the Lumina V Amator floorstander. These new additions blend minimalist design aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, promising an audio experience that transcends expectations.


Lumina II Amator and Lumina V Amator Unveiled


Aesthetic Elegance with Technical Upgrades

The Lumina II Amator and Lumina V Amator embrace Sonus faber's minimalist design philosophy while introducing technical advancements. Crafted in Italy, these speakers feature natural materials, including all-new wood front panels and a glossy 45° angle wood veneer finish, available in three stylish colorways.

Damped Apex Dome Tweeters

Both models incorporate damped apex dome tweeters found in the Lumina and Sonetto series. The Lumina II Amator boasts a 29mm tweeter and a 15cm midwoofer with a custom-made basket and diaphragm crafted from cellulose pulp blended with natural fibers. The Lumina V Amator, a three-way floorstander, includes the same 29mm tweeter paired with a 15cm mid-range and two 16.5cm woofers with paper pulp cones.

Enhanced Crossover Networks

Upgraded components in the crossover networks (2600 Hz in the II Amator and 260 and 2850 Hz in the V Amator) promise a "breath-taking performance" from various positions in your room. These improvements bring innovations from existing lines, such as the Amati and Homage collections, ensuring greater resolution and coherent reproduction.

Specifications and Performance

The Lumina II Amator claims a frequency response of 55 Hz–24,000 Hz with an 86dB SPL (2.83V/1m) sensitivity, while the Lumina V Amator offers a frequency response of 38 Hz–24,000 Hz and an 89 dB SPL (2.83V/1m) sensitivity. Both models maintain a 4-ohm nominal impedance, promising a versatile audio experience.

CE Critic Score and Future Reviews

Notably, the Lumina II and Lumina V have received a CE Critic score of 89%, underlining their exceptional performance and design. CE Critic eagerly anticipates comprehensive reviews on these new models, expecting them to make a significant impact in the audio enthusiast community.

Pricing and Availability

The Lumina II Amator is priced at £1,299/€1,499 per pair, while the Lumina V Amator comes at £2,999/€3,499 per pair, with both models available in glossy red, glossy wenge, or glossy walnut. European availability begins in December 2023, followed by the global market in January 2024.

In summary, Sonus faber's Lumina II Amator and Lumina V Amator represent a harmonious blend of aesthetics and performance, offering audio enthusiasts a unique and captivating listening experience.