Wiim Ultra Teased: Is This the Ultimate Music Streamer?

Wiim Ultra Teased: Is This the Ultimate Music Streamer?

By: CE Critic

LinkPlay, the innovative minds behind the acclaimed Wiim series of network streamers, is tantalizing audiophiles with the upcoming release of the Wiim Ultra. Slated for an official reveal at the High-End Munich 2024 Show on May 9th, this cutting-edge streaming device promises to elevate your music listening experience.

Sleek Design Meets Powerful Features

The Wiim Ultra continues LinkPlay's tradition of elegant aesthetics, featuring a sleek aluminum enclosure that seamlessly blends into sophisticated audio setups. The real standout feature, however, is that vibrant 3.5-inch color touchscreen, providing an intuitive and immersive navigation experience.

Technical Specifications (Based on available information and educated inferences)

While LinkPlay remains tight-lipped on the full specifications, we can confidently anticipate the following:

  • DAC: A top-of-the-line DAC (likely ESS Sabre or AKM chipset) surpassing the Wiim Pro and Pro Plus, potentially enabling native DSD decoding and aiming for Roon Ready certification.
  • High-Resolution Support: Expect support for PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz and potentially DSD256.
  • Streaming Services: Full compatibility with AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Bluetooth (with high-quality codecs like aptX HD, LDAC), TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect, and major internet radio platforms.
  • Room Correction: Advanced room correction software, likely Dirac Live or a similar proprietary system.
  • Smart Home Integration: Integration with popular smart home ecosystems (e.g., Amazon Alexa, Google Home).
  • Connectivity:
    • Dedicated phono input (MM/MC selectable) with ground connector
    • HDMI ARC input
    • Front-mounted volume control and multi-function control knob
    • Front-mounted 3.5mm headphone jack (with a dedicated amplifier section)
    • Optical in/out
    • Analog RCA line-in/out
    • Coaxial out
    • Subwoofer out
    • USB-A (External HDD/flash drive playback)
    • Ethernet
    • 12-volt trigger output

The Wiim Ultra Experience

The Wiim Ultra aims to be the centerpiece of your high-fidelity audio system. Effortlessly stream music from your favorite services in pristine quality and tap into the device's advanced room correction capabilities. This ensures exceptional sound tailored to your unique listening space.

The inclusion of a premium phono stage caters to vinyl enthusiasts, while the HDMI ARC input allows for seamless integration with your TV setup, expanding the Ultra's versatility. The front-mounted headphone jack, powered by a dedicated amp, promises to please even demanding headphone users.

Potential Pricing and Availability

Considering its feature set, expect the Wiim Ultra to be positioned as a premium product. A price point between $800-$1200 (USD) would place it in competition with well-respected streamers like the Bluesound Node and Cambridge Audio CXN V2.

Unfortunately, LinkPlay hasn't shared a concrete release date, but post-announcement, pre-orders could commence soon after, followed by shipping within a few weeks to months.

The Mystery Continues...

LinkPlay has hinted at an additional product announcement alongside the Wiim Ultra at the Munich show. Audiophiles are left wondering – could this be a standalone DAC, a matching power amplifier, or something entirely unexpected? We'll have to wait until May 9th to find out.

Get Ready for HiFi Excellence

The Wiim Ultra has all the hallmarks of a game-changing product. Its blend of audiophile-grade components, intuitive interface, and comprehensive feature set has the potential to redefine the world of high-resolution music streaming.