Is the Klipsch Flexus the Best Dolby Atmos Soundbar Under $500?

Is the Klipsch Flexus the Best Dolby Atmos Soundbar Under $500?

By CE Critic - Buy Better Tech

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Klipsch Flexus – A Disruptor in the Soundbar Market
  • Technical Overview
    • Audio Performance and Processing
    • Connectivity and Setup
    • Modularity and Expandability
  • Flexus vs. the Competition
    • Samsung
    • LG
    • Sony
    • Sennheiser
    • Sonos
  • Key Specifications
  • Price and Availability
  • Conclusion

Introduction: Klipsch Flexus – A Disruptor in the Soundbar Market

Klipsch, a veteran in high-performance audio, enters the competitive soundbar arena with their new Flexus Sound System – Powered by Onkyo. This marks a significant collaboration with sister brand Onkyo, known for its expertise in home theater receivers. The Flexus aims to be a disruptive force with its advanced audio capabilities, seamless connectivity, expansion options, and focus on simplified setup.

Technical Overview

Let's delve into the technical aspects that set the Flexus Sound System apart:

  • Audio Performance and Processing

    • Klipsch leverages its acoustic prowess with custom-tuned high-efficiency aluminum drivers and built-in subwoofers, enabling surprisingly powerful sound from even the compact Flexus Core 100.

    • The Flexus Core 200 takes things up a notch with dedicated Dolby Atmos elevation drivers for immersive object-based audio, along with Klipsch's signature horn-loaded tweeter for crystal-clear vocals.

    • Expect dynamic sound reproduction that excels with both movies and music.

  • Connectivity and Setup

    • Modern connectivity is a priority with HDMI eARC, optical, USB-C, and the latest Bluetooth wireless for easy source connection.

    • The intuitive Klipsch Connect Plus app (iOS/Android) streamlines input selection, EQ customization, feature updates, and more.

    • Klipsch's Transport technology dramatically simplifies pairing for multi-channel expansion with Flexus surrounds and subwoofers, minimizing user setup complexity.

  • Modularity and Expandability

    • Both Flexus soundbars can function as standalone solutions but are designed with expansion in mind.

    • Adding the Flexus Surr 100 wireless surround speakers effortlessly upgrades the system to a genuine surround setup. They're independently powered for wire-free placement.

    • The Flexus Sub 100 delivers impactful bass and allows for pairing two subwoofers with either Core model for a truly room-shaking experience.

Flexus vs. the Competition

Let's analyze the Flexus System's position against major soundbar players:

  • Samsung

    • Samsung often leads in feature integration but can favor a more processed sound signature. Flexus emphasizes audio fidelity and a cleaner setup process.
  • LG

    • LG offers wide compatibility with their TV lineup and AI-driven features. Flexus prioritizes audio quality and modular expansion instead of extensive smart features.
  • Sony

    • Sony excels in strong sound and often ties into the PlayStation ecosystem. Flexus' competitive pricing and simple multi-channel expansion could be an advantage.
  • Sennheiser

    • Sennheiser's Ambeo soundbar boasts exceptional sound, yet comes at a high price. Flexus provides a more accessible entry point with room for growth.
  • Sonos

    • Sonos dominates multi-room audio integration with its ecosystem. Flexus emphasizes direct sound performance and flexible configuration over whole-home audio.

Key Specifications

(Table outlining detailed specifications for each Flexus component: Dimensions, weight, driver configuration, supported codecs, power output, etc.)

Price and Availability

The Flexus series focuses on value and is priced competitively:

  • Flexus Core 100 – MSRP: $349 USD
  • Flexus Core 200 – MSRP: $499 USD
  • Flexus Surr 100 – MSRP: $249 USD (pair)
  • Flexus Sub 100 – MSRP: $299 USD

Products are available now through authorized US retailers and


The Klipsch Flexus Sound System – Powered by Onkyo presents a compelling option for those desiring top-notch audio, clean aesthetics, straightforward setup, and the option to build a truly capable surround system over time. It shakes up the soundbar segment and deserves consideration alongside established players. We look forward to the reviews and CE Critic Scores.