KEF Unveils New Subwoofers: KC92 & Kube MIE for Explosive Bass

KEF Unveils New Subwoofers: KC92 & Kube MIE for Explosive Bass

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • KEF's Proprietary Technologies

    • Music Integrity Engine (MIE)
    • iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension)
    • P-Flex Surround
  • KC92 Subwoofer

    • Design and Features
    • Power and Performance
    • Room Placement Options
  • Kube MIE Subwoofer Series

    • Model Variations
    • Design and Features
    • Connectivity
  • Pricing and Availability


KEF, a renowned British speaker manufacturer, has expanded its subwoofer lineup with the introduction of the high-performance KC92 and a versatile Kube MIE series. These new subwoofers are engineered to deliver deep, precise, and room-filling bass, enhancing the overall audio experience for movies, music, and gaming.

KEF's Proprietary Technologies

The core of KEF's new subwoofers lies in their advanced technologies aimed at maximizing audio performance:

  • Music Integrity Engine (MIE): This digital signal processing (DSP) algorithm is KEF's secret sauce. It ensures that all the internal components of the subwoofers function synergistically to deliver optimal bass reproduction.

  • iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension): Powered by the MIE, iBX thoroughly analyzes the incoming audio signal. This analysis enables the subwoofer to maintain incredible dynamics and deliver exceptionally deep, controlled bass at any volume level.

  • P-Flex Surround: Inspired by origami, the P-Flex Surround is a unique pleated driver surround design. It effectively resists the internal air pressure within the subwoofer cabinet, ensuring the driver moves accurately in sync with the audio signal. This translates to enhanced precision and lower distortion.

KC92 Subwoofer

  • Design and Features

    • The KC92 stands out with its force-canceling configuration, housing two 9-inch drivers positioned back-to-back. This innovative design drastically reduces cabinet vibrations, resulting in cleaner and more detailed bass.
    • KEF's P-Flex Surround technology plays a pivotal role here, further enhancing driver precision.
  • Power and Performance

    • Driven by 1,000 watts of Class D amplification (500 watts dedicated to each driver), the KC92 delivers thunderous bass with remarkable control. It boasts an impressive frequency response capable of reaching down to a room-shaking 11Hz.
  • Room Placement Options

    • The KC92 offers five EQ-based room placement options: free space, next to a wall, in a corner, inside a cabinet, and a dedicated apartment mode. This flexibility ensures optimal bass performance regardless of where you place the subwoofer in your room.

Kube MIE Subwoofer Series

  • Model Variations

    • The Kube MIE series encompasses four models: Kube 8 MIE, Kube 10 MIE, Kube 12 MIE, and Kube 15 MIE. Each model is named after the size of its front-firing long-throw driver, providing a range of options to suit different room sizes and budgets.
  • Design and Features

    • Each Kube MIE subwoofer employs a 300-watt Class D amplifier, delivering ample power to its respective driver.
    • They utilize KEF's Music Integrity Engine and iBX technology for exceptional dynamics and deep bass extension.
    • Similar to the KC92, the Kube MIE subwoofers feature placement-specific EQ modes (wall, corner, and cabinet) for optimized performance.
  • Connectivity

    • Line-level and speaker-level inputs make the Kube MIE series compatible with a wide array of amplifiers.
    • Optional KW1 wireless subwoofer adapter provides convenient setup for those seeking a clutter-free environment.

Pricing and Availability

Model Price (USD)
KC92 $1,999
Kube 15 MIE     $1,399
Kube 12 MIE $999
Kube 10 MIE $799
Kube 8 MIE $599


KEF's new subwoofers are available in limited early access for myKEF members from February 20th, with wider public release scheduled for February 27th.