TCL's 2024 TV Assault: Brightness, Giant Screens, and Value Challenge the Competition

TCL's 2024 TV Assault: Brightness, Giant Screens, and Value Challenge the Competition

By: CE Critic

TCL, fresh from its strong 2023 showing, is doubling down on its formula for success: high performance at aggressive prices. The company's 2024 TV lineup aims to shake up the market with eye-popping brightness, gargantuan screen sizes, and features that rival premium brands like Samsung and LG.

The Mini LED Powerhouse: QD-Mini LED Tech

TCL's flagship QM8 series boasts peak brightness exceeding 5,000 nits, dwarfing the capabilities of most OLED TVs. This allows the QM8 to render high dynamic range (HDR) content with stunning detail and realism. Combined with thousands of dimming zones and advanced local dimming, the QM8 aims to deliver deep blacks and precise contrast that challenge even OLED's strengths.

TCL has coined the term "QD-Mini LED" (Quantum Dot Mini LED) to differentiate its technology from other Mini LED implementations. This signifies the use of quantum dot color technology for enhanced color vibrancy and accuracy, along with the company's proprietary algorithms for optimal dimming zone control.

Size Matters: 98-Inch and a Colossal 115-Inch TV

TCL is making a big push for larger screens in 2024. Following the success of its 98-inch models in 2023, the company is expanding its offerings and introducing a massive 115-inch QM89 model designed for the ultimate home theater experience. TCL is confident that the growing demand for large TVs will drive significant sales in this category.

Feature TCL QM8 Hisense U8K
Technology QD-Mini LED Mini LED
Peak Brightness 5,000+ nits 2,000 nits
Dimming Zones Up to 5,000+ 1,280+
Pricing Starts at $1,499 (65-inch), up to $5,999 (98-inch), $26,999 (115-inch) Starts at $1,099 (55-inch), up to $2,499 (85-inch)
Strengths Exceptional brightness, deep blacks, local dimming precision, wide color gamut Good brightness, decent black levels, good value, wide range of sizes
Weaknesses Potential blooming around bright objects, higher price than some competitors Not as bright as TCL QM8, black levels not as deep as OLED

While Hisense's U8K series offers impressive performance for the price, TCL's QM8 outshines it with superior brightness and a greater number of dimming zones. However, Hisense maintains a price advantage, especially for smaller sizes.

The Rest of the Lineup

TCL's Q6 and QM7 series also offer compelling features and performance, albeit with lower peak brightness and fewer dimming zones than the QM8. The budget-friendly S5 series sees a 25% brightness boost over its predecessor and includes features like enhanced dialogue mode.

Availability and Pricing

TCL's 2024 TV lineup is available now from major retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and Target. Pricing starts at $349 for the S5 series and ranges up to $26,999 for the 115-inch QM89.


TCL's 2024 TVs demonstrate the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and value. With its QD-Mini LED technology, massive screen sizes, and competitive pricing, TCL is poised to challenge the dominance of established brands. While Hisense remains a strong contender in the value segment, TCL's QM8 series is a formidable option for those seeking top-tier picture quality. We look forward to the reviews and CE Critic Scores.